[APP][Pro] Gree HVAC app

Still havn’t figured this out. Same issues as above: unstable app and wrong temperature shown (178C).

My heatpump is a Gree U-crown GWH12UB.


Hello @Gullars .

Could you please enable debug mode in the device settings, wait several minutes and then send diagnostic report from the App->Gree->(Geer icon) page.

Please add description there to allow me understand the context of the report.

I suppose that different firmwares send different temperature, that’s why you see 178 degrees.

Thanks for responding!

I have created a diagnostics report for the issue: 9020c125-8734-4761-933f-a49856e25df4

Nice, I see your report.

Could you please check the real temperature reported by the AC when you see 178 degrees?

Your can do this using Temp button on remote control.

Or maybe even using the EWPE App, I don’t remember exactly does it show current temp or no.

Using Tibber to control the pump (through Homey), temp gets 3 degrees too low.

Didn’t get what you mean. Did you set 23 and AC shows 20?

When pushing Temp on the remote it says 21,5C.

Sorry for bad explanation, but had limited characters to use when sending the error log through Homey.

Tibber is a Norwegian electricity company, providing a smart app that helps you manage your devices optimally according to when the electricity prices are high/low. Tibber has a Homey integration, so that I’m able to add my Homey devices to Tibber and let Tibber decide when to turn them on/off and up/down (based on Tibber’s algorithms). However, when I set base temperature on my heat pump to 20C in Tibber, it for some reason gets set to 17C…

Anyway, for me the Tibber part has the lowest priority to fix. Would be great to see the correct current temperature though :slight_smile:

When the Temp is showing 21.5, does the app still shows 178? Or 175?

How Tibber and Gree apps are connected? How Gree receives temperature to set?

Still 178. Seems to be constant, no matter what is the actual temperature.

In Tibber, I use a Homey plugin app for Tibber, enabling me to add all heating devices in Homey to Tibber. From what I understand, Tibber sends commands directly to Homey, and Homey connects with the Gree app.

Then seems app cannot get the real temperature from the unit.
Maybe AC always sends the same value. So, I’ll be able to set - for the current temperature in this case.

Btw, could you please check using EWPE Smart app from the App Store for the firmware updates for the AC?

Not sure if I understand entirely what you mean. The EWPE smart app looks identical to the Gree app here. Can I do something with the EWPE smart app that is not possible with the Gree app?

Anyway, I will be away for a couple of days now, but can check that when I come back home.

Hi. I have tried the EWPE smart app now, but it looks exactly the same. Was there anything specific you wanted me to check?

If you have any available update - please try to update the AC

Could you please check next

EWPE Smart is official app from the manufacturer. So, they may provide updates for the Wi-Fi module

Thanks. Will try that, but am having basic issues here… Decided to delete both Gree+ and EWPE Smart to get a clean install, but can no longer manage to add my HVAC to the apps.

I do the following:

  1. set my HVAC to standby mode
  2. push both «wifi» and «mode» until beep
  3. turn off power for 3-5 seconds and then on

But I never get to the screen in the app where I connwct the HVAC to my wifi. Any ideas?

As far as I remember you need to install EWPE Smart app, click Add and follow instructions to connect AC to your WIFI network.

@Gullars please install test version of the app. It should change current temperature and doesn’t show if AC returns not correct value.

When toggling between the different options in the app, I get an error saying that my HVAC went offline and trying to reconnect. Then it reconnects. Happens every couple of seconds, so it’s quite annoying…

Could you please let me know is it better with this test version or no?
Please send a new diagnostic report if it still marks the device as offline

Today I managed to get my HVAC paired with EWPE Smart again.

Firmware is latest version (3.2) and no update was possible.

Your test app showed ‘’-‘‘ as current temperature. However, the app crashed quite immediately. Have sent you a report on the issue: 73d84178-bfa0-4af0-96d4-641854ec7057

I’ll try to investigate the issue with test version. If you need you can install stable version from the store

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Thanks! I have reinstalled the stable version, and will be using that until I hear more from you :slight_smile:

Could you please try one more time test version?

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Looks better now!

No current temperature (shows as ‘’-‘’).

Still some minor bugging when scrolling between the different sections of the app.