[APP][Pro] Google Services - App for Translate and new Text-to-Speech for any device with url input

Can someone help me with some example, when I would like to send as part of flows, audio/speech to different Google Chromecast devices ? I got it working for one, two smart speakers in parallel…but if I have one flow saying something just on one of the speaker, and other flow speaking on other speaker, sometime some flows speaking on both, sometimes on all (eg. Alarm)… how I can achieve that ?

Also is there any particular reason for example why it’s not possible just to use “Start saying” via configured device, like in case of Google TTS ? (just asking, probably there is good reason :wink: ) Thank you.

Is this a question for Google Services?
I don’t have any real devices?
And the devices that i/Google services do have has a Start saying card.

So i might be missing something?

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They do, for that particular device above and I need to use URL Triggered condition, otherwise how can I send the URL to Chromecast … or did I completely misunderstood the concept ? :wink:

Ah, i see.
But how would you want it then: The google TTS device connected to a real device somehow?

Like the Google Cloud TTS Device linked with particular Chromecast device… otherwise I don’t know how I can easily achieve the case I have described above. (or I missed the concept) .

Basically that is what I’m using today :

Actually, the best way to achive what you want, is to create a TTS device for each output/speaker. It is ment this way also, because you need to configure the TTS device per speaker for the best quality.

And then you can just trigger the TTS device for the room you are in for instance.

Here, follow this current topic
Google Services TTS in Advanced Flow - Flows - Homey Community Forum

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I must be missing something simple, every time I attempt to use Cloud TTS Service I get an error card “Did you configure the JSON and voices in the settings page”…as far as I can tell, yes I did. I set upi the cloud platform, got the JSON and copied the entire downloaded text into the app

The requests are showing up in Google

Did you setup a voice in app settings?

Yes, the very catchy one, af-ZA-Standard-A (FEMALE)

The copied JSON file is massive, the private key is many lines long.

I don’t have a Google Cloud Project (for translate) name entered as I’m not translating anything, also don’t have google API for Youtube as I’m not doing that yet

Dont know if this is helps but 04849596-977b-4171-b8e4-be9183d6112c

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Hey, where are you from?

Since you can select a voice from the list, everything should already be alright.
You only get a list of voices after the JSON file is correctly entered and you project is valid.
Actually, as soon as the list or voices is shown, it should just work.

Straigns thing is, in the diagnostic, it showed that your voice is undefined when the Url is requested.

So either its not correctly saved (open settings, if the voice is shown, it’s saved).
Or your flowcard has a non-empty-but-empty voice added to it?

Show me your flow?
Because the error seems to be between the flowcard and what it sends to Homey.

I’m from the UK


Okay, next time, place it in a preformated-text-block, so the quotes and other chars remain programing code :wink:
But thanks

Yeah, i really love this!

You have the wrong flowcard, you are just retrieving an Url, not starting speech.

Here you go, try this.

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Sorry Arie, just getting to try this now and, while the flow is created, I am getting the exact same error with the new card as with the old. Whe importing the flow I did tell Device Capabilities app to replace TTS Sonos 1 (I don’t have any Sonos) with Google Cloud TTS device

Quick question: I am trying to use basic TTS on a Google Mini, without having to setup a Google Cloud account.

Is this how it is supposed to work?

Unfortunately that doesn’t here (no response on mini), although a TTS card using the “Google TTS” app does work fine (but the app seems to be abandoned). The generated url looks valid.

This does not work either here:

Try the URL on your PC or phone (LAN)?
Does it work?

Yes, on my PC it works fine from Chrome.
Does that mean that it’s a Chromecast App issue then? Not sure if the TTS App that still works uses a different method?

Might be yeah, can you share the lasts part of the url?