[APP][Pro] Flume - A smarter way to track and reduce your water use

Flume for Homey

App Store Page: https://homey.app/a/com.flume/


Flume can monitor your water usage and will notify you of any water leakage.


  • Create your personal client ID and secret in the Flume Portal.
  • Add the device as you would add any device to Homey.
  • Enter your email address, password and personal client ID and client secret on the first screen.
  • Choose your device(s) on the last screen.

A polling frequency of 5 minutes is used to update the current state and usage of the device in Homey.


API rate limits
Personal clients are allowed 120 requests per hour to the Flume API, which is rather little unfortunately. The data the app needs, is located at different endpoints. Therefore, I recommend not to add more than 5/6 devices.

Alarm triggers
Currently, it sets all alarm capabilities based on the most recent notifications. I didn’t have the resources to check what an API response looks like when these notifications are active, so…

When the latest “Flume Smart Leak Alert” notification is:

  • unread, it will enable the leak alarm.
  • read, it will disable the leak alarm.

When the latest “High Flow Alert” notification is:

  • unread, it will enable the usage alarm.
  • read, it will disable the usage alarm.

When the latest “Low Battery” notification is:

  • unread, it will enable the battery alarm.
  • read, it will disable the battery alarm.

When the latest “Budget” notification is:

  • unread, it will enable the budget alarm.
  • read, it will disable the budget alarm.


Why is the water meter value in m³, and not in gallons?
Homey currently supports only 1 unit of measure per capability. In case of the water meter, this is “m³”. This could be overwritten, but this would mean that I would also have to overwrite (almost) all translations, which simply takes too much time.

Why is the water flow value in L/min, and not in gals/min?
– See previous question –


I enjoy creating apps for Homey and try to support them as best as I can. If you enjoy using my apps a donation in return for the time I put into this is much appreciated.


A big shout out to @chaosrain for providing me access to his Flume account! Thank you! :sunglasses:

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So nice to see that, based on my research it’s the best currently available in given field, so great choice @evdpol
:slight_smile: !

Unfortunately it’s forbidden to install that device in my country, so currently looking how things will evolve with https://www.myaquaro.com/ - I just pre-order, they are even working on API. If this thing will be ever live (they say it’s not a scam :wink:), happy to help again with some stuff, in case of interest Edwin :slight_smile:

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@chaosrain FYI re Homey Pro Community App Requests - #889 by chaosrain, seems your wish is coming true thanks to Edwin !

We have a couple of Flumes. They work well. Looking forward to seeing your app. Do you have a timeframe for release?

The app is almost finished, but my Homey broke down this week.
Something to do with the power supply.

I will get back on it once my Homey is fixed. :wink:

– Edwin

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