[APP][Pro] Flow Checker

Great app, thx!
Installed it right away!

Thanks @Henk_Renting !

Great app indeed.

Do you mean detecting broken tokens in other fields, such as time line notifications? That would be a godsent but I guess that is not as easy to implement, is it? I think Athom should mark those as broken too in the first place.

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Thanks @Edwin_D ,

Oh thats a Idea!!
The Idea of this todo was creating tokens with the amount of broken/disabled flows.

But i think what you say would be possible. Will add it to the list! :smiley:


Regardless if you ever get around to implementing it: seeing the list of apps you support, some of which I am using, I thought I’d donate you some beers. Cheers! Who agrees and donates round 2? :beers:

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Thanks a lot @Edwin_D appreciated :smiley:

New app update (live: 1.0.7.):

  • FIX: language corrections
  • ADD: German translation (Thanks to @fantross ! )
  • FIX: duplicate notifications on startup

@martijnpoppen interesting app, thank you for it, already testing.

Would it be possible to check also flows with non-existing variables/tags ? Eg. from removed or re-added devices ? Usually such variable, when broken, is represent with ‘?’ in the flow but all seem to be fine - except of the fact it’s broken… if you know what I mean.


Hey @Sharkys
Thanks :smiley:

Yes i’m investigating that. See the message from @Edwin_D above :slight_smile:
Also I have a to-do list over here: [APP] FlowChecker - #3 by martijnpoppen

I update this every now and then when there’s a new request or bug report


New app update (test: 1.1.0.):

  • FIX: increase interval to 3 minutes to save RAM
  • NEW: Add broken logic variable check

Flows like this can be found:
Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 17.38.28

Everything is covered: If / And / Then

In app preview:

Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 17.37.02

Note: This only checks for logic variables. So broken tokens from Apps/Devices cannot be found (yet)

CC: @Edwin_D @Sharkys


Gaaf! :pray::ok_hand:

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Great work! some feedback: The below flow, among others, reports as broken but works like a charm:

@Edwin_D Will have a look at that ! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need diagnostics reports or other help. I woudn’t be surprised if there‘s something broken, invisible and ignored in the string.

I have 4 false positives as well in the variable check as well. One example : Shared Flow | Homey. Pm me if more info is needed.

@Edwin_D Can you share a report?

@tlangelaar can you also share a report? :smiley:

you can do that via:

More - apps - flowchecker - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report

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Out if 300 flows, I got first two checked and seems to be false positive… but it looks promising ! Thank you !


@Sharkys do you mind sharing those 2 flows? Then I have some more info to find a pattern :slight_smile:

Edit: you can also share it in a DM with me

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New app update (test: 1.1.2.):

  • FIX: increase interval to 3 minutes to save RAM
  • NEW: Add broken logic variable check
  • FIX: Make broken flows checker consistent
  • FIX: multi variable in Then checker

Note: Sometimes the flows were marked as fixed while they were still broken.


@Sharkys @Edwin_D @tlangelaar

Found the first issue. When the Then contains more than 1 variable the check is not correct.

Will fix that first. :slight_smile:

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