[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

Yes and no… it does so with ring doorbell… was hoping maybe your app with a homey could be the connecting (missing) bridge :grin:

Motion alerts from the camera no longer works, stopped after last update 8 hours ago.

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@Vick_Shera that depends on the Samsung app i guess and not on the Eufy app :stuck_out_tongue:

See Samsung SmartTV App for Homey | Homey

@Sonny_Schurer see the 2nd post above yours :wink:
(Should be fixed again in 3.9.7)

Thanks @martijnpoppen all working again now

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New app update (LIVE: 3.9.9):


1: FIX: memory usage

If you find any issues, send a report via the mobile homey app

More - apps - Eufy Security - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report (put your email in the input field to make it easier)

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Hi, is there a way to stream my doorbell to chromecast devices, ive tried the card mentioned in the description but there is no stream avalaible.

Hey @Cihad_Ozturk
Yes there is.

If you make 2 flows like this it would work:



(Note the Cast Website. Instead of Cast video :slight_smile: )

Or in Advanced Flows:

I appreciate your help @martijnpoppen but the issue i have remains, the stream will not start on my chromecast nest hub 2nd gen nor my chromecast with google tv 4k. On my tv the logo just spins, and on the nest i get this error saying somethings may be wrong with the stream. Ive attached some pictures.

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@Cihad_Ozturk Oh forgot to mention that. But currently the Eufy streams seem to be broken. (since last week :frowning: )

You can check here https://mysecurity.eufylife.com.

@martijnpoppen That makes me almost sad, ive literally waited 6 months to get my homey pro 23 so that i could use it for exactly this purpose, because of the fact as you know eufy only support alexa as a direct streaming device.
So my question would be then, any idea when its going to be possible?

@Cihad_Ozturk This is not something I can control. This is a Eufy API which is currently not working.
I don’t have any connections with Eufy or what so ever.

Once the API works again it should work again in Homey.
Their own webportal isn’t working, so I can’t fix that :frowning:

@martijnpoppen Got it, really appreciate your work like everybody else here, and great to see a developer be active for so long, without gaining much finance.

Hopefully the engineers at eufy start working again so that this can be fixed.


@Cihad_Ozturk Thanks!! :smiley:

I hope so too!

The web stream is really buggy at the moment. But next to that Eufy blocked the stream to be played outside of their own website.

So streaming it on a Homey is not allowed.

Will try to find a way to fix this, but I guess this is the end of the cloud streaming on Homey :cry:

Just ordered a Homebase 3 S380 on Ali express (much cheaper than Coolblue though) and I also have a lot of door sensors. So by the time the S380 does arrive around 19 april I hope those sensors will work with S380.

Martijn, can you tell us when they will work with S380?
If they will not work in time , can I keep them connected to the Homebase 2 than?


Hey @Heula
Oh nice! Can you share the link?

Yeah i’ll check with the creator of the library. Will also order some sensors myself to test :slight_smile:

Oh and yes you can keep them connected to the 2

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This is the link Martijn.


94 Euro :wink:


€117,33, but the product can not be delivered to my country: the Netherlands :flushed::thinking:. Really strange, as you live there too!

No idea why this can’t be delivered to the Netherlands anymore?
My date of delivery is still april 19.