[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

I have two questions:

  1. Is the image stored somewhere or is it overwritten every time there is i new event?
    If it is stored, how can I access them? If not, would it be possible to store them for a custom number of days?
  2. In The advanced settings in my pan and til camera there is an option for “always on”, what does it mean? Also in the same view, could you please explain what all The other information is?

Hey @Antohagg

  1. The image is overwritten on every event. You can access the image in a flow (image tag on the device) and you can send that to a different service e.g. slack/whatsapp/telegram/NAS

  2. The always on means you cannot turn your camera off. I have my Pan&tilt set to off when I’m home. So the lens is turned. But when i’m away the camera will go on again. With the always-on you prevent the camera from turning off. eg. when you accidentally click the button.

The other info in the Pan & Tilt window:

General settings:

  • Always on: see explanation above
  • Use generic alarm: this will turn on the motion_alarm when theres movement/person detection/sound detection. This will also set the zone to active. If you don’t want to use this zone activity you can turn it off

Hub settings:

  • Hub name: The name of the camera in Eufy
  • P2P_DID: used for peer-to-peer between your camera and Homey
  • ACTOR_ID: user id which is needed for the P2P connection
  • STATION_SN: this is the serial number of your device. Needed to make requests to different API’s
  • DSK_KEY: used to get a public connection between Eufy and Homey if a local connection is not possible. Could be used for Homey Cloud
  • Reset settings: when you tick this box and hit save the above details will be fetched again from the Eufy servers

Hope this explains it :slight_smile:

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@martijnpoppen Which app are u using to send the image? Tried callmebot but it did t support images to telegram.

I’m using slack
And created a slack channel for myself and also for development purposes.


Ik heb het eufy alarmsysteem met de homebase 2. De sensoren en de homebase kan ik toevoegen in homey. Het probleem waar ik tegenaan loop is dat ik de homebase niet kan bedienen vanuit de homey app. Als ik bijvoorbeeld de beveiligingsmodus wil veranderen krijg ik een time out 3000ms melding. Ook flows die de wijziging van de beveiligingsmodus gebruiken, werken niet.

Ik heb het volgende al geprobeerd:

  • IP adres van de homebase in de homey app veranderd
  • Nieuw account aangemaakt (had ik al gedaan, maar nog een nieuwe) met admin rechten en gedeelde apparaten
  • meldingen in eufy app aangezet, ook voor homebase.

@ Martijn: hopelijk kun je me hierbij helpen!

Please keep this thread in English or use the Dutch subtopic

Couple of things to check

  1. Please check if the Homebase is in the same network as your Homey

  2. Try to reset the data of the Homebase. You can do this in the device settings of the Homebase in Homey

  3. Make sure the IP adress is a local IP

Great, that did the trick, thanks!



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One more question about this. I read in the app’s description that a secondary “admin” account with a separate email address needs to be created for the Homey App. It’s not possible to exclude the push notifications for individual sensors from my main account which is logged in my phone’s app?

Unfortunately not.

What you can do:
Create another extra account. But don’t share the sensors. Use that account to login to the official Eufy app. Then you won’t get notifications in Eufy but you do receive them in Homey


I have bought the new Eufy doorbell, is it possible to add this one to Homey?

Greetz Jan

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did you try Eufy Security App voor Homey | Homey ?


Hey @Hoogheid_van_t_Riet

I assume you mean the Dual Battery Doorbell?
Support has been added to the test version of the Homey app.

Please note that there might be missing features, but these will be resolved in the future.

If you want to try it out you can install the test version via this link: (open the link, and install via the green button)

Ok, clear. Thanks again for the info.

I assume the same goes for flows triggered by motion detected by a Eufy Camera?

yes correct!

New app update (live: 2.30.1):

1. NEW: video doorbell dual

A big bummer. That might become very annoying. Thanks for the info, food for thought for choosing an alarm/camera system.

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Hi. Will it be possible, in the future to trigger eufy’s spotligt in a flow?

Hey @Bergman

Some camera’s already have this flowcard.

Which camera do you have?