[App][Pro] Elgato StreamDeck Integration

@MarkL You can use the payload to pass in the dim value for lights for example. So you can have a single flow to set a bunch of lights dim value and have different buttons for different dim settings. Just as an example what the payload can be used for.

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I hope you are well ?

I have a problem with the app.

At some point it stops working and I have to restart it. I created a report with the number: b37df568-a6ce-4c57-8844-3a30b4503000

Here’s what I get:

Unfortunately I do have the exact same problem. Adding a new homey item in StreamDeck select an empty button and the reselet didn´t help. However triggers and exisitng integrations seem to work.

Anything else I can do? Really love the app and use it a lot every day.

@DinoRayn @rvst1
Ahh sorry for the late response. For some reason I did not get a forum notification it seems.
I have checked your report but unfortunately it was completely empty. This seems to be some bug on Athom side unfortunately.

Sorry to hear this. I do use it myself a lot daily with a StreamDeck XL and I have not seen a single crash yet myself. If the app becomes paused without crashing, it usually means the app is misbehaving, as in taking too much RAM or consuming too much CPU time in short time.

Please try sending me diagnostic reports when such happens, hopefully I will get one which is not completely empty. Also please include your forum name in the report message so I can get back to you if there are questions.

Also, can you maybe tell if it happens when a specific profile/folder is showing on the SD or any schema of events before this happens. This could maybe give clues. Also please include the version of the SD plugin in use / make sure you have the latest version.

Most of the heavy lifting is actually done by the StreamDeck. The Homey app itself is just an api cache/proxy for most parts.

In the meantime I tried to reinstall the Componentent on StreamDeck (Using the Streamdeck non XL version).

After that everything releated to Homey was gone (Which is exactly what I wanted, to see if its working after that). I then tried to add a device again and it still didn´t work.
However, triggers in flows are still working so the conecction works…

I just created a report a9f1d293-faff-48a2-ac10-6c80c8697c05

Hope this helps.

In your report it indicates that the auth key is not sent. Can you verify that the Auth Key for the button was actually saved?

Just sent you a DM

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Issue solved. We found that there is a chance of an invalid device object being reported by the athom-api. A safety check is added in the next version of the app to catch this issue gracefully.



how can i resolve it “per hand”? I just add my homey but it find no devices.
Thank you for this plugin


I’ve setup the Homey app on my Stream Deck (15) and the app on my Homey. I’ve setup an access key. The problem is when click on the ‘Device’ dropdown, nothing shows up.

I’ve also copied all credentials using developer.athom.com, but it doesn’t help.

What am I doing possibly wrong?


There is an infamous refresh issue when you create the first button on SD. Enter your homey hostname and key then select a different button and go back to your new Homey button. See if the list refreshes now. If not make sure your Homey is reachable network wise from your system where the SD is attached to.

It’s fixed. My network was wrong configured so my Mac wasn’t able to attach an IP to the hostname in my local network. Thanks for your quick reply.

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Having another issue:

I have my Homey lights bulbs in one folder now called ‘Homey’. When I open this folder and use the ‘Go back’ button in the top-left corner the bulbs replace my actions on my home screen! Also the empty spots on my home screen are replaced by the bulbs in my folder ‘Homey’.

Is this known? If yes, how to fix this? It’s a strange issue that makes it impossible to configure my Stream deck.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/I4PtIwN


That’s a StreamDeck bug actually. I ran into this myself once or twice. It mostly happens when you use this move action into folder command. When something is converted to folder this happens a lot.
To prevent this you need to create a folder manually and then add the items in the folder.

Unfortunately, this is nothing you as StreamDeck developer got control over. So I cannot work around that issue from within my app.

Seems like you’re right. When I manually added the bulb again inside the folder this does not happen.
Before this I had moved some bulbs into the Homey folder, causing this issue, like you’ve mentioned.

I will add my bulbs again right inside the Homey folder. Also I’ll contact Elgato about this bug.

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Hi all,

The plugin has not triggered my objects for several days.

We can say that it no longer works.

Does it work in your home?

Works perfectly fine here.
Can you check whether your Homey is reachable/pingable from the system your SD is connected to?
What happens when you open the configuration of an existing button on your SD?
PS: If you used the IP instead of the hostname make sure the IP of your Homey is fixed and still the same.

Same issue here, refresh and ring spinning, no devices on list.

Hey @kinglevel ,
did you check the FAQ about this?
In some special network configurations or when your router does not support hostname resolution on your LAN it might fail using the homey hostname to connect to it. In that case you should give your homey a fixed IP and use the IP instead.
Let me know if you need further assistance.

ok. I thought it was some kind of webhook.
My homey is located on another location than my current LAN were streamdeck sits.