[APP][PRO] Electrolux/AEG OCP

Electrolux/AEG OCP

One Connected Platform appliances and services - for an effortlessly smarter home

What is this?

This Homey App will connect to

After successful login, the Homey App will interogate the OCP API and determine what devices you have configured.

Where can I get the App?

Currently, still undergoing development, but if you’re willing to get in early, and install the app manually using the CLI, you are welcome to download from github.

Setup Guide

This Homey App will require that you have your Electrolux or AEG appliances configured with the EU datacentre, as the API services / range of products are not functioning outside of that region. This app has been tested with the United Kingdom set as the location, but should work fine across all parts of the EU.

  1. You must have a password and email setup in your Electrolux or AEG mobile app (ensure you logout and login using a email and password, and not using OTP).
  2. Install the Homey App and Configure the Settings using your email and password. These credentials are persisted, but are only used to generate a JWT Claim that is reused and refreshed as needed by the app.
  3. Add a Device using the App and choose the relevant type Laundy / Air Purifier etc.

How do I get my appliance supported?

Visit https://github.com/gslender/com.gslender.electrolux-aeg.ocp/issues/new/choose
To request a new device, please run the Electrolux/AEG OCP app locally using Homey CLI.

$ git clone git@github.com:https://github.com/gslender/com.gslender.electrolux-aeg.ocp.git
$ cd com.gslender.electrolux-aeg.ocp
$ npm i
$ homey app run -r

Add your email and password to the app Configure settings.

Then add a New Device, choose the Electrolux/AEG OCP app Brand, and choose a Laundry device even if your device is not a Laundry appliance.

Watch the logging closely for ********* appliances[...] ******** and copy-paste the JSON into this issue.

Without this information, we cannot add support for your device, and the issue will be closed.

App is now in the app store…

I checked the possibilities for the AirPurifier, for now it (still) has no option to put it in manual mode and to set the fan speed, am I correct? That is probably the big reason to install this app instead of the other app for the AirPurifier users like me.

Is there something that we as AirPurifier users can do to make this happen?

No, you should be able to do that. Outline what’s not working or if you feel the controls are missing. Show me a screen shot if possible and send me the diag logs if it isn’t working.

To test this, I installed the new/your app. My impression from the flow cards in the app description in the store are correct, so:

The new/your app shows this with the THEN cards:

With the older app, you could choose the smart or manual mode and set the fan speed. A while ago this stopped working (AEG thing I think?)

This is not working for this/your new app. If it is possible for you to add this, this will be the app to instal for the AirPurifier people.

I hope I gave you the information that can help you to upgrade (or better to say, add) the controls.

** update while writing this answer… I checked the old app to be 100% sure, and that old app had an update a week ago what I didn’t see and guess what. The manual mode and fan speed are working again from the THEN cards **

Reading the above (the fix), I will stick to the older app for now, but maybe in the future with the updated/added controls I will give this new/your app a chance.

Regards and have a great day.

v1.0.3 has been submitted to the app store (and is in testing phase) and this should fix this bug/error. Thanks for reporting it.