[APP][Pro] Easee charger - Small. Smart. Full of power

At first glance it corresponds to the value shown in the official easee app. I’m very happy with this addition. :relaxed:

I’m using the app with the Easee Charger that is installed at my home yesterday. Thanks for making this app!

Is it possible to add the total power consumed to the app, so I can use it with the ‘Power by the hour’ app?

At this time ‘Power by the hour’ listens to the value shown in ‘Last charging session’, but it needs either a value which is reset daily or the total consumed power.

I am working on a major rewrite of the app to use the Easee streaming SignalR protocol instead of polling the values from the REST API. Will also add some new actions that can be useful, and clarify the usage of existing ones.

Lifetime energy usage in kWh is easily available and can be added. The new version of the app will by default show last charge session and lifetime values. Using settings you can add/remove last month and last 30 days.

I’ll kill the current used and three-phase properties and instead show P1-P3 current. The logic I had behind these properties is not easy to convert to the SignalR stream values that are passed one by one when they change. I’ll also replace online with enabled. Mainly because online is not available as a value in the SignalR steam.

A test version will be available in the coming days (I hope).

There is a now a new test version available, https://homey.app/a/no.easee/test/
There are quite a few changes in this version, please see the first post of this thread that is updated with current capabilities and actions.

Main change is related to switching from polling the Easee REST API to use their streaming SignalR API. I’d appreciate if some people are willing to test this new version before I push it to live.


Any plans for supporting Easee Equalizer?

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Seems straight forward to add support for it. The SignalR stream API essentially works the same way.
“Only” issue is that I don’t access to an Equalizer. I asked in the Easee developer slack channel if they can provide demo/test account access, let’s see what they say.

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Hi, have any of you, or someone you know, successfully created flows for dynamically change the charge current to only use excess solar for charging with the Eease charge box? This requires sensors for sun power, total house power and charge power. I have the first 2 available in Homey already.

I’m currently on a Keba P30 charge box and it’s not super easy with my lack of programming skills. But it should be doable in node-red. But I am willing to invest in a Eease if it is easier and works.

I just installed the test version. No car is charging at the moment, so I’m keen to see how it responds using the new protocol later today.

Thanks for adding the total power in the app! It still doesn’t work with ‘power by the hour’ though. Power by the hour is still getting the ‘last charge session’ information.

From what I see ‘meter_power’ should be used for the total consumption in order to work with ‘Power by the hour’. Could you pls check and help me get this working?

New test version out, moved meter_power from last charge session to lifetime value.

Thanks for updating! Seems to work now. Happy user :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In Homey the charger status is displayed as Charging and a Power consumption of 342 watts is displayed, but I disconnected the connector from my car about 6 hours ago.

The easee app is displaying no car connected.

Could you check what is going wrong here?!

See screenshots:

Update 22-20-2021:

Today the values weren’t updating again. The values seem to stop updating once the car has finished charging. When I restart the app, the values are updated.

Original post:

The car had been charging for about 40 minutes tonight and still homey was telling me it is charging at 342 watts.

I had to restart the homey app to get the accurate current values, but it seems to be working again.

I have not investigated the cause and when it happens but I have the same problem with values not updating. It seems as if the app freezes now and then and this is resolved with a restart of the app.

This didn’t happen in the previous version.
I’m using the experimental branch.

Thanks for testing the new version :slight_smile:
I will investigate, I suspect it has to do with some disconnect of the stream - or authentication token becomes invalid. I have some logic there to check for this already and restart the stream, but obviously, it is not working.

I released a new test version with improved logic for detecting if the stream has stopped receiving messages. Not 100% sure yet it solved the problem in full, lets see.
I also added two new debug fields as part of advanced settings. A log message field that shows logging from inside the app, and a field for the last 10 stream messages with a timestamp. The stream messages displayed here are all stream messages, regardless if they are used inside the Homey app or not.

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I am trying to set up a flow to charge the car if there is excess production from my solar panels. But I cannot seem to get it to work. Ideally I would only charge my car using the production from the solar panels, but for a start I would like to charge the car with excess production if any, and if there battery is not full I would want tibber to charge the rest during the night. If possible I would like to use tibber to charge to 80% to leave some room for solar charging the next day, but as far as I know I am not able to obtain this information about the battery from my i3. Any way, my initial attempt looks like this: https://homey.app/f/dSyV7w but is not working. Any ideas on how to make it work, or do any of you have a working flow setup for this? My initial though was to use pulse to start charging when the power of gets below -1000W. I then want it to start charging. If pulse is between -1000 and 0 i would like it to pause to have a small buffer. I see that the current setup then would make it not run the next time, so maybe I need to add the charging power in the condition as well. Anyway, it is not working so any tips would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Just released what could potentially be the last test version regarding the streaming API changes.

There are further stability improvements and also a change related to status updates in version 1.0.3.
I added a debouncer logic with a delay of 60 seconds from receiving a status update via the stream until it is updated in the app and a potential trigger kicked off. Since all status updates are coming in real-time via the stream, the status updates became a bit jittery. Ie a status update like “Charging” needs to be current for at least 60 seconds to be reflected in the app.

I have had similar thoughts but never gotten around to start thinking about this.
Afraid I can’t help much with the logic now, hoping that others may have attempted the same.

Translated the app to Swedish in the last test version - harder than you think :slight_smile:
Happy to receive suggestions on improved translations.

I see 7 users on the last test version and have seen no comments about the app stopped updating so I think this issue is sorted out. Will potentially do some more minor changes and clean up before I release it to all users.

Hi @Richard_B. Thanks for awesome app, so far I have mostly used it for monitoring but I have an itch for using different flows.
But as you I use my Easee with Tibber, and I experience some issues with using both Homey and Tibber with Easee. For instance, I cannot change the current, I only get a red question mark when flow runs. I suspect that there is a conflict with the current set in Tibber. Have you experienced this?

I am leaning more towards to just monitor the charging in Tibber (to get a update regarding charging costs etc), but let Homey govern rules for charging. However, I am not sure this is possible