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I can also confirm it works great @Richard_B , also no more “device is not responding” issues, also voltage gets updated correctly, thank you !

Btw I wonder, is anyone using or can share any adv flow on dynamically checking the current house power utilization and dynamically set the charging capacity to lower the total load ? I’m thinking on reworking mine (as I set it to 16A,11A,6A…etc.) , as it’s not ideal but looking for some inspiration to get more granular control (eg. +/- 1 A but not too often etc.). Just in case someone have some good example…


So I’m not sure what has happened, but suddenly for last 15 days I get Voltage not updated anymore, not even during charging. So when Charger is not used, it is reported as Not responding device by Homey (which might be alao used as keep-alive preventive check so that automation works every time).
Anyone else have the same experience? It’s probably due to some change on Easee side, the original app still reports voltage fine. Thx

The app simply sets the values that the Easee API delivers. Maybe Easee disabled some features after their days of downtime a few weeks ago? I can confirm that Voltage also said 15 days since last update for me.

The Homey app reads from Easee cloud, then Easee cloud based on some internal logic controls how frequently the actual physical charger synchronizes its data with their cloud.

This I have not experienced. I have two chargers though.

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You might be right, because even original app strangely reports same values while real voltage is different…more over seems it’s not updating.

I will contact Easee. Thank you for additional inputs Richard.

I mean standard trigger “A device hasn’t reported for”, maybe you are not using it.

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They confirmed it has been limited on their side and restrictions were just lifted. Now it gets updated in the app as well :slight_smile:

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I have created exactly what you are looking for, but with a Go-e Charger. In my opinion, if the Easee app works as well as the Go-e Charger, you can easily adapt my flows. Have fun!
(Sorry I didn’t see I was responding to a very old post…)

Will this app be available for Homey Bridge in near future?

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I have a question about “Create schedule”-functionality. When I use the card the time is set as “Delayed start” in Easee-app, not as a schedule. It doesn’t matter if I use Repeat Yes or No. As I see it this only means that the charging will start at a time but not stop. Am I doing wrong?

The question is raised and technically there shouldn’t be a problem really. More a matter of myself not working for free for Easee :wink: Any “cloud” enabled app will be released in the name of the brand.

Replied yesterday to your GitHub ticket. Copying the reply here

The basic charge plan is what is in the app, https://developer.easee.cloud/docs/scheduling#basic-charge-plan.
The description for the start and stop time is the same as for the (new) weekly schedule. I haven’t used it so don’t know if it will stop charging at the stop time for any of the schedule types. Guess we would need to test it out.

I am working on advanced flow, and want the flow to start when charging status has changed.
(I connect the car, charging status changes, price is checked and charging starts or pauses based on this).
I am a bit of a noob, but I am suspecting there is something wrong here.
When I add the “when” and “charger status changed to” it won’t let me set an option, and I guess it is supposed to be available here.
image So as the picture shows, there are no available choises to make, and the flow does not start. I have set my flow to start when the price is changed, but this means charging will start in the period before the price changes - which is ok, but not optimal.
Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Thanks for a great app!

Can observe what you observe, would have to investigate the reason for it.
As a workaround, you can use the same trigger and add a Logic condition in the following step. The status the charger changed to is passed as a token that you can use in the Logic card.

I introduced a new trigger which works as you’d expect. The old trigger is still there with an updated text “Charger status changed”. Please give the test version a go.

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I’m implementing some changes to the app (not released yet) and would love to hear some feedback on what you think about it.

New capabilities for;

  • Turning charging on or off
    The app will use the Easee API for toggle charging, so it will automatically choose start/stop or resume/pause based on its internal logic. I believe using the plain toggle should be sufficient. There is a risk that clicking this multiple times in a short time period results in the wrong outcome.

    Please remember that we have a pretty complex communication path where the Easee Homey app talks to Easee Cloud which in turn sends commands to the charger. Thus, there is no instant (synchronous) feedback when triggering a command on a charger.

    Since Homey maps on/off as actions on the device card the charger device will be “greyed” when in off state. Clicking the device will turn it on/off. I’m not that keen on this logic but there is no easy solution to get out of this “feature”. Will see if I have the time to replace their standard on/off


  • Turning access on or off
    The easiest way to stop a car from charging immediately when connected. If access is off then you can use the turn-on charging capability to start charging.

  • Setting the dynamic circuit current
    The same setting that for instance Tibber is using to control the charge current. Please note that this is circuit current, ie if you have multiple chargers on the same circuit this setting controls all of them.
    Visualized with a “slider” which is a little crappy, but don’t see any options.

All of the above are possible to control using actions today. Adding the possibility to control them using capabilities is to make the app more user friendly, and also to allow other apps such as Piggy Bank to control the chargers. Other apps cant run actions, they can only control capabilities. This also applies to mqtt integrations which will be able to control the chargers.

Some positive side effects of the above are;


I just thing it sounds great :slight_smile:
Mostly like the access options, because I’m disabling charger when not at home.

Thinking of the slider for dynamic current, it will not report current value however, right? This might be tricky, it will be in “percentage” or how the max. value will be defined? Just thinking out loud.

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It will report the current value, fetched each 15s from the Easee API, also visible in insights.
The value is in current, ie measured in Ampere (A). My comment about “little crappy” refers to the fact that the Homey UI doesn’t show the unit (A), nor displays the value of the slider. You have to guess the scale, so I understand it is confusing. The max value of the slider is the circuit fuse size as defined in Easee, in my case 20A. The circuit fuse size is displayed under advanced settings on the device in Homey.

Also forgot one thing I also added. Found an endpoint for polling the lifetime energy from the charger to the Easee cloud. I trigger it every 5 mins as it is implemented now and it seems to work. The stats that I log to a database seem to report charging, which is based on the increase of the lifetime energy, for the correct hour. It needs a little more verification but looks promising. Previously the lifetime energy was updated once per hour and for instance, energy used during the hour 02-03 ended up being recorded during hour 03-04 - a 1-hour lag. It broke my nice graphs, and I know some other users have commented on this as well.

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Since the update I have some weird issues in advanced flows.

Does anybody recognize this?
I have restarted homey and the app. Also tried more windows machines.
Creating a new condition it seems to work

I confirm, can observe the same, not only in advanced flows - I’m on version 1.4.7


So this occurs for existing flows, but adding the same condition again then it works?
(Don’t experience this problem myself)

Yes that is correct. I already fixed the flow and it works again. Keep up the great work really like the app.

@Richard_B @Huub_Van_Vilsteren now I have realized, actually all those flows are broken thanks to this, I thought the conditions are just not appearing due to some internal Homey / cosmetic error…

When I test such flow, I get error :

What is interesting, it’s not caught by Flow Checker - I will ask martijnpoppen if he would be able to catch this, but anyway it looks like all such flows have to be repaired - so it’s information to all users of your app, at least when using version 1.4.7, as it triggered breaking change.

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