[APP][Pro] Do I need an umbrella today?


Do I need an umbrella today? (Only for rain check in The Netherlands)

This app gathers weather data from the internet to determine if you need an umbrella. It includes images and flow cards to inform you whether you should carry an umbrella today, depending on the weather conditions.

Set up flows to check if it’s time to grab your umbrella!

Currently has support for:

  • :speech_balloon: Create a condition flow to check if you need an umbrella today
  • :world_map: Image token

Download in the Homey App Store!

:gear: To use this app, you need install it, after just start creating an condition flow.

Flow cards

:speech_balloon: Supported languages:

:uk: :netherlands:

:computer: Apps made by @LRvdLinden

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I have almost since the beginning the app installed, but since day one i have only the dog with sunglasses as image… As yesterday and today is almost rain. i am really thinking is it working well?


Even why i use whatsapp i get the same image…

I am wondering what i am doing wrong…?

As I have zero response I have deleted the app.

Hope in the future to get a response how to use it or you find the bug.

See DM