[App][Pro] dingz (v1.3.1 / Test: v2.0.10)

Morgen, Have you read the note: Important for “Button … is …” where-card.

Yes i saw it. I Remove every entris. Its empty Afther this, i Delete the dingz in Homey and search again. The homey dingz App find my dingz and create a LED and a dingz Icon. But when i create a new Flow and take the „buttom is pressed „ are no buttons availabel. Ich can select one press, two press, Long press but Not wich button, so i cant save the aktion.

Kind regards Rolf

Now do the following:

  • Gives the buttons a name, you never know
  • Open the browser and enter the following http://[dingz_ip]//api/v1/button_config and send the result to me. (In the output: should be “null” or “0”, that it works)


bonsoir même problème avec 20 dingz, plus compliqué tu meurs maintenant, pour avoir les boutons en libre sa marche une fois sur 10 c est la cata

J’ai le même problème!

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Hi Chris

I give the Buttoms the Name Taster 1/2/3/4
I copy/paste your link in my browser, but the browser (Safari) tell me, he can’t open the Page. Now I download the config.dat over the Webinterface. I hope this is useful.

Kind Regards


(Attachment dingz_config.dat is missing)

I open the file with a text Editor:

{"buttons":{"dingz_orientation":"1,2,3,4","buttons":[{"output":129,"feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0,"icon":255,"dim_value":[100,100,100,100],"name":"Taste 1"},{"output":130,"feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0,"icon":0,"dim_value":[100,100,100,100],"name":"Taste 2"},{"output":132,"feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0,"icon":0,"dim_value":[100,100,100,100],"name":"Taste 3"},{"output":136,"feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0,"icon":0,"dim_value":[100,100,100,100],"name":"Taste 4"}]},"inputs":{"inputs":[{"output":null,"feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100,"active":false,"pir":false,"invert":false,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0,"dim_value":[100,100,100,100],"mode":"pulse"}]},"pir":{"pir_output":null,"pir_feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100,"thresholds":{"twilight_to_night":50,"night_to_twilight":100,"day_to_twilight":150,"twilight_to_day":200},"on_time":180,"off_time":600,"dim_value_night":50,"dim_value_twilight":100,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0,"feedback_time":1,"dimmer":[{"value_night":50,"value_twilight":100,"value_day":0,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0},{"value_night":50,"value_twilight":100,"value_day":0,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0},{"value_night":50,"value_twilight":100,"value_day":0,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0},{"value_night":50,"value_twilight":100,"value_day":0,"fade_in_time":0,"fade_out_time":0}],"enabled":true,"backoff_time":10,"light_lpf":true},"thermostat":{"active":false,"output":0,"on":false,"min_target_temp":17,"max_target_temp":31,"reverse":false,"mode":"heating","fahrenheit":false,"enable":true,"target_temp":21},"led":{"state":true,"local_feedback":true,"off_period":900},"dimmers":{"dimmers":[{"output":"not_connected","name":"Ausgang","feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100},{"output":"not_connected","name":"Ausgang","feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100},{"output":"not_connected","name":"Ausgang","feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100},{"output":"not_connected","name":"Ausgang","feedback":null,"feedback_intensity":100}]},"blinds":{"blinds":[{"auto_calibration":true,"state":"Not initialised","invert_direction":false,"lamella_time":1.8,"shade_up_time":180,"shade_down_time":180,"type":"lamella_90","min_value":0,"max_value":100,"name":""},{"auto_calibration":true,"state":"Not initialised","invert_direction":false,"lamella_time":1.8,"shade_up_time":180,"shade_down_time":180,"type":"lamella_90","min_value":0,"max_value":100,"name":""}]},"services":{"mystrom":true,"homekit":false,"rest_api":true,"panel":true,"aws":true,"discovery":true,"udp_search":true,"aws_notifies":false,"ssdp":true,"mdns":true,"mdns_search":true,"homekit_configured":false,"cloud_ping":false,"remote_buttons":{"enable":false,"targets":{"btn1":null,"btn2":null,"btn3":null,"btn4":null,"input":null,"pir":null}},"mqtt":{"uri":"","enable":false,"server.crt":null}},"system":{"allow_reset":true,"allow_wps":true,"allow_reboot":true,"broadcast_period":5,"mdns_search_period":60,"origin":true,"upgrade_blink":true,"reboot_blink":false,"dingz_name":"Dingz Taster","room_name":"Wohnen","temp_offset":0,"fet_offset":3.6666666666666665,"cpu_offset":27.1,"groups":[false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false],"temp_comp":{"fet_offset":2.6400001049041748,"gain_up":0.012000000104308128,"gain_down":0.0060000000521540642,"gain_total":0.25}},"nl":{"enable":false,"on":{"hour":20,"minute":0},"off":{"hour":6,"minute":0},"dimmers":[null,null,null,null],"led":null},"actions":{"generic":{"generic":"get://","single":"","double":"","long":"","begin":"","end":"","hold":"","m3":"","m4":"","m5":"","feedback":{"generic":true,"single":true,"double":true,"long":true}},"btn1":{"generic":"","single":"","double":"","long":"","begin":"","end":"","hold":"","m3":"","m4":"","m5":"","hold_repeat_period":500,"feedback":{"generic":true,"single":true,"double":true,"long":true}},"btn2":{"generic":"","single":"","double":"","long":"","begin":"","end":"","hold":"","m3":"","m4":"","m5":"","hold_repeat_period":500,"feedback":{"generic":true,"single":true,"double":true,"long":true}},"btn3":{"generic":"","single":"","double":"","long":"","begin":"","end":"","hold":"","m3":"","m4":"","m5":"","hold_repeat_period":500,"feedback":{"generic":true,"single":true,"double":true,"long":true}},"btn4":{"generic":"","single":"","double":"","long":"","begin":"","end":"","hold":"","m3":"","m4":"","m5":"","hold_repeat_period":500,"feedback":{"generic":true,"single":true,"double":true,"long":true}},"input":{"generic":"","single":"","double":"","long":"","begin":"","end":"","hold":"","m3":"","m4":"","m5":"","feedback":{"generic":true,"single":true,"double":true,"long":true}},"pir":{"generic":"","night":"","twilight":"","day":"","rise":"","fall":"","motion_repeat_period":0,"feedback":{"generic":false,"night":true,"twilight":true,"day":true,"rise":true,"fall":true}}}}

Good morning @Christian_Chuard

I would like to add the following:

  • The support is only available in English, if it is not your preferred language just use “Deepl.com” then you should have no problems (I do the same).

  • Reading is education! Have you read the documentation?

  • If you have a question, please be more detailed, because I don’t have a crystal ball to tell me where the problem is…:man_shrugging:


Guete Morge @Rolf_69

You can find the IP address in the setting page of the device, for you the URL should be something like “http://192.168.1.xx/api/v1/button_config”. But via “dingz_config.dat” it also works and is almost better.

So, you have the firmware problem (I told you :wink:).

Now do step by step what I documented. Because you have not defined an output, you must first activate a dimmer and then you can reset at the end.

If everything worked correctly, you can check in the “dingz_config.dat” if all “button > output: null” are set.

Please send me the dingz_config file, I will check it then.



From my own experience I can tell you, write (via webUI during paring) everything correctly. Because it helps you later in troubleshooting, if you no longer know what the “Taster 1” is.


  • dingzSwitch > living room
  • dimmer > dining room ceiling lamp
  • button > kitchen scene
  • etc.

Morgen Chris

Thank you for your great and very quickly help. Now I understand the problem. Ive forgot to selection the outputs. Before the Update I mean this was not important because I have no electric consumers on the Dingz. I need the Buttoms only for switching some group actions in Homey.
I selected now outputs and the homey found 4 buttoms to assign some functions. Thank you sooooo much. e schöne Tag und e liebe Gruess Rolf

I know the whole thing is tricky, but iolo has promised me that the problem will be fixed in the next big release (v.1.4.x).

Set everything up and if you still run into problems, just get back to me.

Have a nice holiday (while setting up) !:partying_face:!

Gruss Chris

Hi Chris,

Just installed my first Dingz.
When trying to add it in Homey, I got the following error:
SQLITE_CONSTRAINT : Not null constraint failed device.data

Any idea on what can be wrong?

Regards and Happy New Year


I have no psychic abilities than please provide such unimportant details as where exactly this happened, versions, etc.

BDW: SQLITE is not used by the app.


Hi Chris

I have a problem with dingz display of power consumption. None of the devices show me the consumption in the homey app. I can see just “0 W”.

I have checked some settings, but nothing found. However, they are displayed correctly in the dingz app.

Do you have any idea, what the problem is?


Sali Mauri,

I don’t know, until now it has worked. But it could be that something went wrong during the changeover to SDK3.

I put it on my to-do list, because I’m currently adapting the app for the new HP2023.


Hoi Chris

Great, thank you!

I’m looking forward to your solution.



First, thank you for the great job with the Dingz app.

I noticed that sometimes, when I start a flow in Homey by pressing a button on the Dingz device, nothing happen.

I have the feeling that there is something like a standby mode with Homey. I can press several times on the Dingz button during a minute and nothing happen.
Then I log in the Homey app, I press again the button on the Dingz device and it works.

Anyone having the same issue ?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Hi Chris

I just have updated a new Firmware (2.0.21) to my dingz devices. Since the Update I can‘t connect the dingz anymore.

Do you have any idea, what the problem is?

Thx for your help.


Yes I did, you just have to read the first topic…