[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

Crap, I didn’t know that either.

When I tested my example flow, no timeline msgs appeared.
But the cause was another “fine” feature of Homey: rate limited😑

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Flow when activated:

Flow when de-activated:

I think I used the right trigger, the one from DeviceCapabilities.

The flow that is started by pushing the button is this one. This is the same flow that starts in the morning to turn on the X-mas lights at 06:30. That’s why I put in the set status at the end of it:

No, sorry, both (de)activating flows use the default Homey Flow cards, that are created because of the Create Flow Cards option.
The device also has a few custom flowcard triggers, al starting with “When” (in AF, in normal flows they all end in set/pushed, and are located as first six flowcards, above al other).

You need that one for the button.

You will only need one (de)activate flow with the correct When card. Then check the value-tag from that flowcard for true or false (logic cards).

Knop ingedrukt = button pushed.

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Thanks! Didn’t know that, wasn’t aware of it. Now I see and understand what you mean. I created a new button to test, without creating flowcards. Then you can see the difference.

Back to my problem. IT’S BEEN SOLVED :grinning:.

Thanks! That was just my beginning with this beautiful app. Now I have to find my way in its enormous possibilities.


Yeah, i know these different flowcards can be a bit complicated.

But the option Create Flow Cards: it makes the field, like a OnOff, the real deal.
This is needed sometimes, f.i. for Google Home.

But it also creates default Homey flowcards.
Those can be “nice to have” sometimes, but are not controlled by an app developer: whenever and however a field (capability) value changes, default flowcards will be triggered.



I am struggling with restarting the app after importing a new icon, .svg.

“Restart the app” , then timeout after 3000ms.

And secondly, how can I get for example degree Celsius (symbol: °C) when making my own app and creating different values that will show temperature.

Try to disable the app and enable it again?

Not sure what you mean here, but have a look at the developer page, it has a lot of info on how to handle Celcius.

I mean this, how do you write that dot before C:

I made it work though:



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I have reinstalled the app.

It is possible to activate/deactive it. This seems to have no effect on the change of imported icon in format .svg.

Tried to restar the app, still getting timed out and I haven’t created or edited anything yet.

What is the difference between the Athom-API and the Homey-API?

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Switch to node-homey-api instead.

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Ok, so Homey-API is the new sheriff in town. :slight_smile:
All apps should convert to this? Or must? Required in SDK3?

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There are only a handful of apps that make use of the external Homey API (apps that need to read information from other apps for example (Heimdall), or in the case of device capabilities, change more then a regular app can), technically it wasn’t/isn’t really meant to be used in apps, but for web interfaces (like the web GUI and the mobile app), dashboards, etc.
But as that is the only way to read out any information outside of your own app, some developers have no other option than to use it.
Such apps will also ask for permission when you install such app, as they technically can change (almost) everything in your Homey.


Ok, then I understand. Thanks for the info.

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Hi I’m trying to import TEF or what they are called but It seems not working. When I’m trying to “update text” which should give me some code to run at the dev site to get the flows nothing happens. I’m I doing something wrong?

Here’s an import howto:

You probably still need to clear the field in the dev site, and then paste (after “update text”, the needed code is already in the clipboard), and then hit the blue “Run” button.

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I have been reading that howto a few times now.

After I hit “Update text” nothing happens. And I have nothing in clipboard so I can’t execute any code on the dev site cause I don’t get any code to run.

TEF is just short for ‘the exchanger file’

OK Fredrik, I copied the howto and made some adjustments. I hope it is a bit easier to follow now.

  1. Copy the TEF of the flow you want to import.