[APP][Pro] Daikin AI

I would believe the Daikin rep if I was you.

Daikin AI does NOT make use of the cloud.

Ok, thanks. But you literally just contradicted yourself. If Daikin AI does not use Daikin cloud to operate, then I see no reason why this wouldn’t work. I guess the only way to find out is to buy an adapter and return it if attempt fails.



I was talking about you telling me to listen to daikin representative, when they clearly don’t know what I was talking about and trying to get me to purchase some third party adapter that they distribute.

Hallo ik zit met een BRP069c4x en dat lukt niet met de Daikin al app. Is er een andere manier om de airco toch aan de homey toe te voegen ? Mijn andere 2 airco’s doen het wel perfect met deze app. Mvg Alexander

@Alexander_Manhaeghe Please note that this is the English part of the forum…

Daikin AI does not support C4x adapters and never will… a new App is in development, search the forum for Onecta.

Daikin cloud airco news
Good news for owners of a Daikin Cloud (‘C4x’ adapter) airco, an app is available since today in Homey’s Appstore see Daikin ONECTA App for Homey | Homey.

Note: with this new Homey app it is also possible to controle airco’s with a type ‘A’ or ‘B’ adapter. Before you can use this new Homey app with your non cloud airco you have to connect your non cloud airco to the cloud. To do this download the official Daikin Onecta app from the Google Playstore / Apple App Store. Install the app, create an Daikin account, upgrade as necessary the airco’s firmware etc, confirm the airco can be controlled from the Onecta app. When all is working fine, install the new Homey Onecta app on your Homey and add your non cloud airco.

Do take in consideration before switching to the new app that the Homey Daikin Onecta app is just released, some functionality might not (yet) be available or even supported (yet) by Daikin cloud.