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Hi, is anyone using the Shelly Qubino Z-Wave Shutter with Homey Pro. When using the physical buttons, the state of the blinds in the app doesn’t change

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Did you calibrate the shutters from the device maintenance actions under the device settings?

yes i calibrated the shutters

Hi there,

i am using Shelly Qubino Z-Wave Shutter with Homey Pro to control one of my venetian blinds.
The Shelly is included to my z-wave mesh, i can control the position and the angle of the slats manually within the app. So far it works fine!
Unfortunatly there is no flow card to set the angle of the slats :frowning:

1st question: is it possible to add a flow card to set the slats angle?
2nd question: does anybody know the z-wave raw commands to set the slats angle, so that i can, at least, set a specific angle using a flow?

Thank you and appreciate your help in advance!

This is a limitation in Homey it seems. The windowcoverings_tilt_set capability used for the slats does not seem to have any flow cards. You should ask Athom support why they arent there.

Not me, not much a Zwave expert.

@Meerjungfraumann , could confirm that using the physical buttons to control the shutter also updates the position in Homey as well. @Hubert_B reported an issue with thus but I dont have this device and even shutters so I can test this.

Thank you for your quick response to my questions!

I use Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 on other blinds in my house, which can also control the slat angle.
The functionality is the same as with the Shelly Wave Shutter, but there is a flow card to control the slat angle. So it seems that the Shelly Wave Shutter in particular does not have a flow card.

Screenshot from the Fibaro App:

If I create a virtual device in Homey via another app (‘Device Capabilities’) and mirror the value of the slat angle of the Shelly Wave Shutter there, there is a flow card for setting the angle. The capability that I use in the virtual device is called ‘Window Coverings tilt set’. Changes to the virtual device are correctly mirrored back to the Shelly Wave Shutter and the slat position is adjusted accordingly.


Maybe there is just a tiny bug in the shelly app that prevents the corresponding flow card from being displayed? :see_no_evil: :beetle:

Well, I checked the capabilities documentation and there the capability windowcoverings_tilt_set does not have any flowcards. It could of course be that the documentation is not correct though. Still wouldnt explain why no flow cards are added for the Shelly Wave Shutter. Something to check, did you restart the app after configuring the device as venetian blinds. The capability is added based on setting the parameter but I can imagine the flowcard is only added when the device has that capability already on device init. A restart of the app would fix that.

If that does not solve it I’ll check the Fibaro app and see what’s different.

Restarting the app does not bring in the missing card, just tried it… sorry to bother you with that issue, but for me and perhaps other users, it’s a very much appreciated flow card. Without that card, or let’s say without the ability to control the slat angle by flows, there is no way to fully benefit from home automated Venetian blinds.
I am very sure that Shelly can do better than Fibaro :wink: :+1:

Could you post the list of available flowcards. I need to contact Athom about this.

These are the available flow cards for the Shelly Wave Shutter:

These are the available flow cards for the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3:

@Meerjungfraumann could confirm this?

In my case, the values of the blinds in Homey are also not updated after I have used the physical wall switches.

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I am currently also searching for a solution for this problem.

I’ll report it to Allterco Robotics. Without having the device and any knowledge on Zwave I would not know where to even begin.

I use shelly qubino wave shutters to control my roller shutters. If I set the shutter position by homey app, the position is correct in homey.
If I change the position direct with the switches at the shelly input pins, homey is not notified with the changed position. Is there a solution to get the really current position of the roller shutter?
Best regards, Andy

Athom confirmed that this is indeed a custom flowcard in the Fibaro app. They didn’t explain why this isn’t a standard flowcard for this capability. I have asked this follow up question as I think this is up for Athom to solve instead of every developer having to fix that in their app. I would not even know how to do that for Zwave devices.

I solved the problem. I followed your suggestion and using Developer Tools of Homey I can confirm that the problem is absolutely not related to communication errors due to distance. In the screenshot you can see that the transmission TX Error rate is 0% on all devices.

I solved the problem by reconnecting all the Shelly Wave I4s with code 00000, thus disabling the secure connection between the Shellys and the coordinator (Homey Pro and Homey Bridge).
Once this was done everything started working correctly.

I got what I wanted, but there is certainly a problem and it is related to the exchange of information between Homey and Shelly Wave with a secure connection. Now the system works but it is unprotected…not so good!

Really weird issue which has not been reported by other users. Why are you mentioning Homey Bridge here? To which coordinator did you pair the device. If it’s actually paired to a Homey Bridge instead of a Homey Pro I can explain better why it hasnt been reported before as there are not many Homey Cloud / Bridge users that use it with Shelly Wave devices. There could very well be a bug in Homey Bridge.

@Meerjungfraumann @Hubert_B @AndyD

Does anyone of you have the skills to sideload the Shelly app using the Homey CLI? As mentioned I dont have the Wave Shutter and Blinds to test any changes. I need someone with some technical skills that can research and test a solution for the position update and a action card for setting the tilt.