[APP][Pro] Casambi Controller - Lighting control for the modern world

What works is in version 0.3.0:

  • You can login
  • login to your casambi network
  • get an overview of your casambi lights
  • add the lights to your homey rooms
  • Turn lights on/off and set dim level
  • sync the state of the casambi devices with Homey


  • add more capabilities, like color
  • add other devices besides lights
  • probably make more robust, I don’t know how long the connection is kept alive, so maybe the app needs restart if connection gets lost

I haven’t got a Casambi controller myself, se test have to be done by others


That would be great. I am using Occhio in combination with Casambi. I am also using a Homey and would be really interested to see the two integrated. If I can provide some support by testing, please let me know.

Just got a new apartment with a lot of Casambi lights (classic network). Any progress on your effort?

Unfortunately not yet, while I was too busy at work. However maybe I find some time in the coming days while I have holiday.

I can already query all casambi devices, I still need to implement the login /settings screen, which consist of 3 items (username, password and apikey) and then implement the illumination-device for homey to control via a web socket.

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Im installing two casambi controlled (Occhio Air) next week. Would be great to integrate

Yes, this is the only missing link in my home… Would be great if you are able to make an app for Casambi!

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Hi !
How it’s going with the app for Casambi?

I would be a very nice extension on the Homey. I cannot wait to integrate.

Hi are you still working on this integration? I am able to provide testing now. Would like to see this. Thanks.

I am also interested in support for Casambi. Would be nice to be able to control my occhio air lights in Homey as well!

Good to know there is so much interest.
The problem unfortunately is still that I didn’t have any time to make more progress. I have a Proof of Concept running locally, but still have to develop the integration between Homey’s setup and events and the API of Casambi.
As soon as I have time I will post an update, but don’t expect that to be this month already…

I am also interested!

Hey, I just wanted to chime in here: I’d also be interested in a Casambi app and integration between my Occhio lights and Homey.

Is this still a plan or has the idea been buried by now? Is anyone else working on an app? I’d be happy to test it.

Hi, that. Would be great, Leon. I am playing with the casambi integration in home-assistent, but it doesnt work fine. I have klikaanklikuit devices and a casambi lightrail (Floss) what i like to use through google home, with one speakcommand all the lights on, on dependent to what brand however. So, good lick finding more free time and your sh]kills are much appriciated as i see more perople who would love it working. Kind regards! Harry

Also very interested in a Casambi app for Homey.
I am also using a Flos Zero Trac light rail with independent spot drivers.

+1 have a Flos running magnet with a number of different lights I would love to control also from the Homey app, so would be very thankful for this happening!

Any news on this :wink:

I resumed working on it.
In my development environment I’ve got the REST-API working, and setup the socket-implementation, so now I should be able to get (device-)network updates, and change device settings (light on/off/dim, etc).
However I haven’t got any Casambi devices myself, I do this for a neighbour of mine, but he first have to fix his tablet/gateway, which seems to have a connectivity issue, so I can test and integrate the devices within Homey.

Great news @LvanderRee ! Looking forward to your progress and happy to test on one of my occhio lights, if needed.


There you can request yje developer API from Casambi.

It must be possible