[APP][Pro] BMW Connected

@Likhan thanks for the suggestion. Wil try that and let you know the results. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

@Likhan YES!!! IT WORKS!!!. Another happy BMW-driving Homey-user :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for your support!!!

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Yesterday, the app stopped working for me. I received a token error, uninstalled the experimental version and reinstalled the official one. When I enter my (correct) credentials in the setup, I now receive the message that the login failed. Any ideas what might have changed?

I’m getting the ‘login failed’ issue too, starting three days ago. My ‘My BMW’ app still works with the same credentials though.

@theodorhesse @goatboy yes the login is broken. Once the new api key is known will update the library.


@theodorhesse @goatboy new version released however remote service is still broken.

Service seems to work fine. Got my first location-change-event :smiley:

Works fine for me too! Thanks!

Hi @Likhan
What’s the app doing???

It looks like it’s unlocking and locking my car autonomously!

@Walter_vande_kerkhof i have noy seen these things personally on mine. However one other personndid mention about it in feedback but did not provide any additional information. However, i have been seeing similar notifications for my Nuki although it does not unlock but i get notifications that it has been unlocked. Currently I am in vacation and once I am back will take further look into the issue.

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Thanks. Today it happend a lot of times (4 times within 6 hours). I think these are ghost events as the car was 't unlocked according the bmw native app (luckily)

Hi Likhan!

I realy want tonstart using the app, but have some troubles getting the remote services to work. is this something that will be fixable some day?

You are probably familiar with the error, but i will attach a screenshot just in case!

I reinstalled the app fresh today.

Hi @Cheggen BMW keeps changine the API. I have bricked one android phone trying to sort of work around certificate pinning which blocks me from reverse engineering the api calls. Also have been super busy as I switched jobs. But will pick it up soon. Please keep an eye on the thread.


Hi Likhan!
Thank you so much for your answer and for your effort here, i totaly understand that life is more than your smart home:) Im a (lightweight) developer myself, so if there is anything i can do to support you in the process, please let me know!

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Good evening.
I just found out that the app has stopped sending data for 13 days.
Are there any problems with the app. I can no longer log in.
While my BMW account is good. Who can help me?

@cajp I have just checked the integration and it is working for me. Can you try logging in again.

Opnieuw inloggen werkt niet ,heb app verwijderd opnieuw geïnstalleerd en werkt nog steeds niet, nou heb ik gehoord dat er bij BMW wat problemen zijn met BMW Connect misschien dat het daaraan ligt ik wacht het nog even af

Seems like if for some reason the token is lost/app/homey restarted login no longer works. working on a fix. @cajp hopefully this is your issue. Are you aware if there was a app/homey restart since when it stopped working?

@cajp : Can you test the app in test. This should fix the login issue.

I can login again. But I don’t see my BMW model, which I can choose.