[APP][Pro] BDR Thermea climate

Sorry, still 480 massage, send you tomorrow data.
Best regards Adri

Send you this rapport

Gr Adri

@Adri1 , I received your report. I saw one possible error with casing. I have corrected it, can you try again.

V007 still code 480
Gr Adri

@Adri1, thank you for testing. I have to look further why it’s not working, I have no ideas at the moment. There is only one thing I see now, you have a 8 digit pairing code and it should be a 9 digit code according the forums. Also I see only 9 digit code succeed pairing and an error when it’s not 9 digits. Are you using on your mobile the e-twist app or the home app?

See also: BAXI TXM / RXM 10c OpenTherm thermostat - HA integration - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io) and Remeha Elga Ace monitoren met OTGW - Duurzame energie en installaties - GoT (tweakers.net)

hi, also a 480: f1f24e82-dc72-4343-9e12-a057bc2ec8d3. also an 8 digit code but from the thermostat itself

But which mobile do you need to use on mobile phone? The new Remeha Home app can only be used with newest version of e-twist firmware and e-twist app can’t be used anymore with that version. This app works when e-twist app is used, but I am still unsure when Home app is used.

nevermind, I read in previous post you already use new app

Yes, 8 digits from thermostat, and use the new Remeha Home app.
Gr Adri

Did anyone find a solution for this problem?

There is no solution yet. The API for e-twist app was reverse engineered. But the API for the new Home app is different and not (yet) made available or reverse engineered.

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All, I will stop actively development of this app because I moved to Home assistant, thank you for using the app.

because I think it’s important that devices stay supported, and if an other developer wants to take over the app, this can be arranged.

Hi Jurgen,
Any chance you made the Home assistant works with etwist ? I have found a git integration using HACS but I am more interested into other parameters like schedule for Hot water temperature ( boiler). my goal is to heat up the boiler when I have excess of power from the solar panels. Thanks.

I use the BDR Thermostat( HACS) integration which is working good for my needs. My Homey app was based on this HA integration. The data you want for hot water, was not present/known in API. Beware the API using by HA and my app was reversed engineered. Also BDR is changing the app and API, so it is possible the apps won’t work in future anymore unless new API get also reversed engineered or made available by BDR .

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hi, no matter what I enter I always get a 401 error, it doesn’t seem like it’s even trying to communicate.

Hi, I have the exact same problem, it keeps returning status code 401

Hi all, I did some research into this and it looks like somebody reverse-engineered the new Remeha app to work with Home Assistant (msvisser/remeha_home: Remeha Home integration for Home Assistant). I successfully set it up for that platform and then tried to connect it to homey with the app (Home Assistant App voor Homey | Homey) , but it’s not being wired through correctly where it would allow for changes in temperature or usage in flows.

Maybe somebody is interested in building it for Homey? Would be amazing!

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Could you tell me if this is also compatible with oertli thermostat which looks very similar to Dietrich and belongs to same group/brand ?
I could try but I do not understand what I should give in the app for name, password and code.
Thanks for your help !

In the meantime, a new app is created by Chris ter Beke.