[APP][PRO] Audit

Yesterday I received an email from Better Stack, hat I have already exceeded my 3 GB:

The interesting thing is, that it looks that the data logs are not stored for 3 days, but for 7 days:

On the settings page of Homey it’s also written, that Logs will be stored 7 days:

But I can’t change it from 7 to 3 days myself.

Anyone else with this problem? Does anyone have a solution?

Hmm, it’s a peculiar site, Bstack.
I can’t find the graph you show :laughing: like, nowhere.

Only thing I found is 234MB storage for both Homey’s, but no clue if it’s only today, this week, totals…

BTW, I’ve set it to use level ‘Notice’, verbosity ‘Detail’, Dirk

It’s for data storage for the month, so it wouldn’t matter if it displays 7 days or 30, take the win if you’re getting better retention.

I would also recommend notice or info debug is useful only for debugging.

Best to go through your logs and see whats creating all the noise.

You can create dashboards in betterstack so I just opened it up to screenshot for you and saw clearly there is an issue with something reporting in my backyard, since this morning.

I moved a motion sensor - looks like the dog door is setting it off …