[APP][Pro] APRS-IS Client


Automatic Packet Reporting System / Citizen Weather Observation Program

With your existing weather sensors, gather the data with flows and send weather reports to the world-wide network as a radio amateur (licensed call sign required) or using Citizen Weather Observation Program (CWOP free registration required).

Note, that your Homey location is used to set your weather station’s geo-location and published to the service together with the weather report.

Device: Weather Station

For the Weather Station to be able to send weather reports to APRS-IS servers, you need have either an amateur radio call sign or apply for a Citizen Weather Observation Program ID for free.

Once you have a call sign, you can setup the device:

  • Callsign
  • Passcode (Only for amateur radio call signs)
  • APRS Tier-2 Region (CWOP stations will always use Citizen Weather Observation Program)

Supported flow cards

Then - Action

  • Set temperature to Temperature.
  • Set humidity to Humidity.
  • Set barometric pressure to Pressure.
  • Set rainfall to Rain in Units.
    • Rain measurements are internally evaluated to hourly, last 24 hour and since midnight values.
  • Set wind speed to Wind speed, gust speed to Gust speed in Units and direction to Wind angle.

For rain and wind values you will need the choose the units (mm or in of rain and m/s, km/h, mph or knots for wind speed). Bold are Homey internal defaults.

With these action cards you can take the values from your existing weather sensors and apply them to this Weather Station device, which then transmits them to APRS-IS.

At this time I do not have wind instruments so I’m not updating the wind information. This serves as a hint on how it works:

WindGust is optional and can be skipped.

Useful links

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

TODO - Features Requested

If you would like to request a feature to this app, please open a feature request at Github.

  • Remote Station - receive information from other stations.
    • Weather reports for selected station
    • Send APRS short messages to the station
  • Add units selection for temperature and barometric pressure.
  • Receive APRS short messages from filtered stations.

Change log

See “What’s New” on the App Store page.

Place holder #2

Hi @OH2TH ! Tried the app but i cant see anything being published on aprs.fi. I have also seen that it seams like its comming in on aprs2.nets servers as not verified. Even if i use my amature signal and the right password. Im using a Homey pro 2023!

I have made a diag 1cd68acf-9cb7-43c2-bab7-e80218171fbf

Your call is SA7BGG and pass code should be then 20646

I can see that it is connecting and the immediately disconnected by the aprs2 servers.

Could share a screen shot of the settings page.

Have tried with both sa7bgg-5 and sa7bgg but same problem…

When i looked at euro.aprs2.net:14501 i had to search for my ip… Becuse it didnt look like my callsign was passed to aprs server because the there wasnt any entry in username column.

You might want to look at the log at aprs.if:


The packets are arriving fine, but location is invalid. And this is a bug in the app

Your location 56°00.75’ N 14°09.17’ E is translated inth the packet as 560.75N/0149.19E when it should be 5600.75N/01409.19E

The minutes decimal prefix 0 is dropped. I will make a fix as soon as possible

Ah great! :slight_smile:

And a secondary question could you also add nordic.aprs2.net as server? Im running the swedish aprs2 server so it would been fun to use my own more then other servers in europe or world… :slight_smile:

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New update (test: 1.0.9)

Changes include

  • FIX: APRS packet lat/lon for 0-prefixed decimal minutes.
  • ADD: nordic.aprs2.net as an option for APRS server

@Peter_Johansson , install the test version and see if this helps. And the Nordics added

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Done, install the test version.

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Thanks for the add of nordic! :slight_smile: And it works!

Great work and big thanks for the really fast support! :slight_smile:

New update (prod: 1.0.10)

Changes include

  • FIX: Rain today reset at midnight,
  • FIX: Rain conversion from mm to 100th of an inch for APRS TX packet.

Thanks @Peter_Johansson for pointing out the conversion issue.

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I want to contibute with the data from my Netatmo. So I installed your app on my Homey 2019. I also applied and recieved a CWOP id e.g. GW4067. Since a few hours I have been sending data to your app which should have been sent to fundu and aprs.fi. However, I cannot find my data. Is that because I have to send data for some days so they can approve my data stream ? And another question : is it ok to set the passcode to -1 ? Or should it be empy if you are not a radio amateur ?

Your device settings should be something like this:

It will not transmit anything until you have valid data for the measurements. So how have you setup the flows to update the values as was described in the first post?

Thanks for replying so quick. I see I made a mistake as I did not use the CWOP as the Tier-2 Region. The flows are more or less identical to the ones in your post, but for now I enforce an update every 15 minutes, so no depending on the conditional trigger. As I changed the Tier-2 to CWOP, I assume that that will solve it. Thanks again.

And it is already showing my raw data in
GW4067>APHMEY,TCPXX*,qAX,CWOP-5:@131500z6011.81N/02435.52E_…/…g…t041r…p…P…b…h… Homey WX-Station
GW4067>APHMEY,TCPXX*,qAX,CWOP-6:@131515z5200.48N/00421.24E_…/…g…t064r…p…P…b09980h99 Homey WX-Station

Yes, CWOP region is a requirement for CWOP-stations.
During pairing, i should set it correctly, but for the settings screen I can’t limit it properly.