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Sorry for the lack of updates, but if you are connected to amazon.com account - expect an invite to the alpha this week.

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Hi, how can I become a alpha user? @Jamie

Hi Jamie. Any updates?
Waiting eagerly and no email yet at least. :grinning:

Alpha invites have started going out. I will be slowly rolling the invites out to new users.

At the moment (possibly forever) the first time you use the app, you must on on the local network, other wise you will not be able to verify with amazon.

The Phrases flows have not been implemented.

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Just a quick update for the people not in the first alpha :

The app now allow you to ‘stop’ a device from speaking tell a joke, help Cleaning, FunFacts and a good night message.

Phrases will be added shortly to flows, but currently will not work correctly.

I’m considering allowing the app to control smart devices attached to alexa. As this is useful to control devices which are supported by alexa by not homey.

As previously mentioned, multi room support has been removed, but may be back later.

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This is the bit that interests me the most so hope you can find a way to do that.

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Hi, I’m in the UK and happy to help test.

Me, too thumbs up

Hey @Tb1 and @vip

Thank you for your interest in helping test this new app at the moment donators are getting first crack and breaking it. But the feedback has been fairly positive and I am hoping to roll out testing to the German backers :soon: after which we will look at opening up alpha testing, you’ll be the first I contact.

@Adrian_Rockall and @Novatrust - It is possible, as you can imagine there is a bit of work/testing involved in taking a piece of code which is working for a specific device and opening it up so that it works for all devices in all situations. I’ll keep you updated but at the moment I am just looking forward to being able to solidifying my Homey, enjoying the apps I have create and automating my house. Which is impossible when you are adding/removing devices in order to test new features. Once again though, it is a pretty cool feature and as soon as I get bored ill let you know.

While I am here v1.07 will include :

  • New settings page where you can reconnect/disconnect your alexa account as well as choose your login language and possibly server. This will not actually do anything
  • Phrases will be added to the app and will be able to be added to flows. Phrases are in built responses from alexa. For example one is ‘confirmation’ when used in a flow Alexa will say one of her random ‘confirm’ comments. ie. ‘Sure thing, no problem’. I am pretty sure what she says is different in each country.
  • When tapping upon a device tile, currently the default behavior is for the good morning capability to trigger. This is not intended and I will be removing it.

1.07 has been released, in addition to the above it also includes new icons and the ability to now have homey ‘whisper’ text through your alexa enabled devices.


Hi Jamie, great project, I’d love to trial this as well, if I donate could you include me?

Hey gy_1977, there are no guarantees, for example I only am supporting the USA server at the moment and you are more then welcome to wait for the beta which will be open for all. But yes donators are given the first spots in the Alpha (which is limited to 20 people by Athom I belive).

Just a heads up, on the delay I asked Athom how to determine the country of the user (in order to find the closest server to reduce lag), as well as determine which accent Alexa should speak with. After a 5 day wait they told me to use the language the user has selected in Homey (en/de/nl) :exploding_head: or use the lat/lng. In order to determine whether a user is In Europe, Oceania, Asia etc.

I guess Dutch people think Australians, Americans, and English, Irish, Canadians, etc all sound the same. And that letting the App know where it is placed with in 5 meters is ok, but whether the user is in Europe or Africa is not.

In retribution i’m considering making Alexa always connect to the Australian server and speak as an Australian.

Ill keep you updated.


G’Day mate, no worries. At least we would know it’s homey talking to us :grin:

Please don’t auto determine the Amazon server as people do use different ones… for different reasons, e.g. app availability. Or allow it to be suggested but overridden if wanted. I for example have a couple on the US server and a couple on UK.


Hey @xAPPO

This would have no effect on your pairing process just the time it takes for Alexa to respond to a request.

I am a firm believer in making apps as simple to use for the end user as possible “out of the box” with no assumed knowledge. But at the end of the day who am I to tell people “they don’t need to be able to do something” and I also try and give the user as much flexibility / config as I can :slight_smile:

However just a heads up you may need to install the app twice if you want to talk to both countries at the same time.

Is it possible that you add Play music and TuneIn Radio to your app so you can start music or radio by flow? And maybe whats playing with controls per echo?

It is possible but it is not something I am currently looking to implement.

With the “Ask Homey” Alexa skill it is possible to let Alexa ask for confirmation. This flow can be triggered by a “something specific was said” flow card and using this word after saying the Alexa wake word. Is it possible to have a motion sensor change e.g. as trigger in this app and that Alexa asks for confirmation? @Jamie

anything which goes “Alexa -> Homey” would be under purview of the Athom app. (In this case confirmation response from alexa to homey flow).

Best to contact Athom about that one.

My focus is on Homey -> Alexa

With a bit of thought, you could do a work around for this.

Use my app to have Alexa day something when motion is detected.

“Hey are you ready to get up? If so just say Alexa tell homey to trigger morning routine” (or what ever the words are).

I also wonder if I could trigger Alexa routines from homey - I would have to look into it.

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