[APP][Pro] Amazon - Alexa

Shouldn’t you be getting into a Huey and fly home with that music? :joy:

Amazing! I would love it

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Dude… did you survive aussie day ? :joy:

Wow, realy nice. Would be amazing!

Survived, though Sunday was a pretty slow day.

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when can we test a beta of your app

Use a bit of a different process to Athom.

  1. I will continue to do internal testing until I’m happy with the stablity in a controlled environment.
  2. I’ll make the code publically available for other developers (or people who can do a CLI install)
  3. There will be an alpha test group.
  4. This will be followed by a open beta test group.
  5. Then the stable release.
  6. Finally there will be an omega group - to test new features with out ruining existing flows and devices prior to alpha/beta/stable :slight_smile:

The app is currently almost feature complete next is stablity and performance.


Reallo looking forward to it. For now I miss good integration with Alexa in general. Would be amazing if it worked like you describe!

And that is really the question isn’t it. Should I release the app as soon as possible with out many features so that people can use it asap, OR I should I ensure that it is a quality app that is feature rich and with out bugs?

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I’d like to play with it, buggy or not i can handle it

But for your own sanity you should make a small group for beta testing, people that install it without knowing that it’s alpha expect a clean release without bugs and are going to come here and bomb this thread with questions

My 2 cents

when you need help by testing alpha/ beta/ omega version i will help you with my dot 2nd , dot 3rd , echo plus 2nd generation .

i m , too , with enough testers we came faster to a stable release🙃

publish the code on github. so we can test it via cli install and give you response of what goes what not, and maybe sugegsstions for next versions.

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Today’s update - all working :slight_smile: I’m a pretty hard person to impress but this is very very cool, tomorrow night I’ll make them into flows.


It’s getting very fast to add new features now :


can set the volume - currently updates to to volume on the device not reflected in the app - ie it’s one way

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The fact that you think like that speaks for you good sir. I think it is a balance between saying “it works, but it is beta and there are things missing” it works okay… And a lot is missing(alpha)"" and it is done"
I wouldn’t mind to test with beta and alpha, cause I’m aware what it means… But looking around in the forums, some people aren’t.

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Would it be possible to “read” the alarm I set on my echo and use that time - 30 minutes to start the wake up light on my hue?
They added that for Google home… But somehow not for Alexa.

Its possible to read notifications, (which include timers and alarms)

HOWEVER, I don’t think that you will be doing what you want, though I could be wrong. Thinking it through, hypotetically.

I guess a card could be created to ‘get time of next alarm’ create a count down timer - 30min from it or something, once again though you would still need a trigger - ie at 4am.

Shrug - Maybe - Ive messed about with setting the alexa device alarm volume from Homey not sure when (if ever) some of these features will get added though

if you have a card that could fetch the alarm time, I could create a logistic value like (time - 30)= “new alarm time”" .
And use that variable “new alarm time” to trigger my ‘wakeup flow’ which now starts as soon as IFTTT sends the signal to homey ‘hey, the alarm went off’…
but yeah… shrug :). we will see.
What you are doing is gold already

Wow! super speedy work, thanks @Jamie. Time to order my Homey