[APP] Palazzetti CBOX

Palazzetti CBOX
Add Support for the Palazzetti CBOX

I have just release an app for the Palazzetti CBOX, this is my real first APP.


At this point the app can:

  • Read et write the stove power
  • Read en write the ventilation speed
  • Start and Stop the stove.

I have also adding a specific regulation with a Smart Start and Smart Pause and the capability of using an external thermometer (the stove thermometer is very not terrible).

Supported Language:

  • French
  • English

So I’d like to find beta tester to firstly find bug and maybe improve functionalities.

Contact me if your are interested

Ps: Sorry for my English but I’m French…


I’m interested, I already connected my palazzetti CBOX with http request flow cards but not very flexible.

I’m French too.

Same for me @Pierre_V , possible to test the app ?