[APP] Netatmo - Same home, just smarter. (by Athom)

@danone - I have tried both. I even logged out of the Netatmo service just to log in again. And nothing works.
On the Netatmo service you can see what third party services is hooked up. Can you tell me what you see there?

@akafester Sure!
I see my third party apps as below.

And if I expand Homey:

The only difference I can see is that my relay’s firmware is 174 compared with yours 197. Not sure if that would matter.
Sorry, I am not sure how I can help further, let me know if you want me to check other settings.

@akafester did you also try to include it with a chrome browser (my.athom.com, and ignore the message)? Or only with the desktop app (which might not work properly)

It’s worth trying, indeed.

Although here it works both with Safari and the macOS app.
(Netatmo app stable, haven’t tried the beta, yet)

Using the mac app:

@Caseda my.athom.com is tried and failed. Still no connection.

@danone I went on, again, and deleted the Netatmo app from my Homey, rebooted and installed the stable version. After that I logged ind again and still no devices I can select.
This window is getting on my nerves :smiley:

Those who replied, what are the firmware version on your relay?

As per above post ^^^

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@akafester Just checking: you have thermostats, not the valves?
(unfortunately the valves do not work with the current app)

Okay… wasn’t aware of that fact. In danish, a thermostat is also used to describe, what you call a valve.
Feeling a bit stupid here. Sorry, and thanks for the people who tried to help me :slight_smile:

On a separate note then. Are we gonna se valves supported in the app?

I had a look at the source code, but it wasn’t entirely trivial as the valves only work with the new version of the plugin API and the homey plugin uses the old one.

When I find some time however I do plan to look at it (but no promises, and bear in mind that I don’t work for Athom)


Great! I was able to add my Netatmo Presence to Homey allready, can use the motion detection in my flows!

Question: does this app also support https://shop.netatmo.com/eur_nl/additional-smart-radiator-valve-194.html# “the Valve” or “radiatorkraan”?

should have added “in the near future” as in is it on the roadmap :slight_smile:

That would be awesome. Let me know if you have someway of tipping you, should you begin the rewrite (I assume it is) :slight_smile:

Did you manage to get Netatmo Welcome work with Homey? I´m able to add the Welcome as a device in Homey, and make a flow but nothing is triggered…neither “movement” or a “known face”.

Did you have to anything special to achieve this? Everything seems right but my Welcome will not trigger anything in flows…

Can you tell me how you did it?
I have also two Presence Cameras and it would be nice to use them with homey.

The app instructions says

“This version is a rewrite to SDK2. This version also makes use of the generic WifiDriver. This makes it not possible to use your already paired devices with the new app. Please re-pair these devices!”

To me this seems to appy to the weather station and its sensors? Or it might also include the need to “re-pair” the Welcome…whatever that is for a wifi-device.

I tried to trigger a flow when motion was detected, but unfortunately, no respons… Let’s wait until it is fully supported the Netatmo Presence

Sounds great edwinw. Can’t wait to get support for valves. Appreciate your efforts!

@akafester and @Morten the latest Netatmo app 4.0.0 supporting now the valves :grinning:
I don’t own any to test. I will buy some for sure before next winter (full summer here now :beach_umbrella:

@danone Yeah i got a notification from my homey about it.
It seems to be working as expected and will, of course, report back if there are any issues.

And thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: