[APP] Hoppe SecuSignal (wireless handle sold by Elitfönster/Hemmafönster etc)

Hoppe SecuSignal (Z-wave)

This app adds support for the Smart Door/Window Handles made by Hoppe working on the Z-wave protocol .


Supported devices

  • Door/Window Handle sensors (contact alarm)
  • The Door/Window Handles are, apart from being sold separately, also found in products from companies such as Elitfönster and ERA fönster (Swedish brands)

Installation note: Operate the handle six times within three seconds to include the device.

Supported Languages:

  • English


Any requests please post them as comments below.

If possible, please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in this topic.


If you appreciate this app, contribute to future development by making a paypal contribution



v 1.1.0

  • First official version.

Frequently Asked Questions


Nice work @johan_bendz!
Didn’t know these handles existed… let’s see if retrofitting is an option (considering the price).

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Did someone found a way to buy them seperatly? I want them

On the Hoppe Homepage I didn’t find a Z-Wave variant only EnOcean?!

I am also very interested to know where to buy the Z-Wave window handles!!

You will have to ask your local dealer about them, I rarely find them in stock.

This serie is Z-wave, no matter what else is said on the website.

No Z-Wave!! On the website only EnOcean variant is described!

Hmm, they might have several versions then…

The app works with the handles that have been tested… and according to this info Hoppe has Z-wave handles:

Hmm, can be that only the serie Hemmafönster wireless handle is Z-wave.

These are only sold in Sweden and doesn’t fit on German windows! :tired_face::sob:

I have purchased one of these handles from e-bay but it is definitely Enocean and not z-wave.
I tried to pair it with your app but no luck.
However, Somfy Tahoma supports them via an Enocean USB stick. I have the Homey - Tahoma app for other things so I added support for the handles to that.

Now my cheeky question: Do you mind if I use your svg and png files?
If that’s OK then I will send the driver folder to the app developer so he can include it properly.

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Hi there @Adrian_Rockall.

No problems, I don’t mind at all. :smiley:

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Thank you, much appreciated.

Before ordering the handle I checked the pitch and size of the fixing holes and the spindle size.
I then spent the time adding it to Homey and writing the Tahoma extensions. So all good I thought.
At the weekend I tried to replace one of my handles only to find the body is about 2 mm to wide so it gets stuck on the fixed part of the frame. Doh.

ouch! Hope that worked out somehow… :grimacing:

Yeah for me too. The german have an different size then sweden

Did anybody find a window’s handle with integrated hidden Z-wave/Zegbee sensor for sale? I would like to buy them as it looks more nice, compare to stand alone window’ door sensor. I see an offers only all kind of handles operate Enocean protocol, but Homey Pro doesn’t support it.