App for CASA.IA temp sensor

Hi All,

Forgive me if not in the correct area.

I purchased a battery power temperature sensor with probe using Zigbee. The temp sensor is working on batteries with probe and the only one I could find.
Unfortunately there is no no Homey app for this device/brand and I would like to see/figure out I can adjust an existing to work for this device.
No clue yet, but willing to put in some time :slight_smile:
If relatively easy…

What is the brand:
What is/are the device(s)/service for type:
Temp Sensor
Model CTHS317ET
What kind of category/signal(s) would the app use:

  • Zigbee;
    Is there an (public) API / documentation / manual(s) or known (other) implementations (like Blogs/Github etc)?

Link(s) to where can this be found, the more information, the better.

Are you willing to loan or donate to a developer?

  • Yes, loan a device

Extra information:
I looked in both Homey and Community App store but could not find something for CASA.IA