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Turning off and on works perfectly fine for Gen 2. Adding it to Homey was super easy and fast, but it interferes too much with the original app, so I have removed it again for now.

Also: it seems like Twinkly made quite an extensive API, maybe it can be used to expand on the Homey-app? https://xled-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/rest_api.html#overview

This documentation is not by Twinkly but is reversed engineered. Based on this documentation I have written the app. There is not much more in there that can be used to expand the app that actually makes sense. There is no way to activated saved effects as these are generated for each Twinkly setup based on the scan someone has made of their lights. Creating effects is something that’s to complex for the interface is Homey. Is there something else you would like to see which I might have missed?

No, the one function I expect to use most (read: probably nothing else) is on/off, so I’m going to find the effect I want, and then add it to homey to turn on and off. Homeykit also pushes it to Homekit on iOS without a problem, so I can also control it from in there.

Now, I haven’t had time to dig into the API, but maybe it’s possible to just go to the “next effect”? So one sends a signal and Twinkly just changes the effect, instead of having to import the effects into the homey app?

Could you add the choice of demo mode/ movie mode? Then the factory effects can be carouselled

I just published version 1.1.1 of the Twinkly app that adds this feature. It’s awaiting approval by Athom.

That is great, Thank you

Just a general question, the twinkly devices are quite expensive in australia, more with delivery.

Would you recommend these? And have you go version 1 or 2?

I have two first gen Twinkly strings. Bought both of them second hand as they are indeed expensive when bought new. But I must say I absolutely love them. I’m a sucker for colorful lights though.

I’m having some problems with my 400 LED Twinkly lights (Gen2). I installed them a couple of days ago and at first everything was working. Then I upgraded the firmware and also installed this Homey app and suddenly I was losing connection to my twinkly lights all the time. They also started “crashing” mid-animation, and I’m unable to apply an effect.

I’ve been in contact with Twinkly support and they just replied that they’ve been testing it and found that this app was the cause of the problem. I won’t be able to test it myself until tomorrow, but I figured that I’d post it here in the meantime.

It would be interesting to hear what they discovered as the problem with my app although I can image they wont tell as my app is using a reversed engineered API. My app runs pretty wel on the first gen strings but still wont allow you to control the strings with both the official app and the smartphone app at the same time. Did you force close the official app on your phone to see if that solves your issue? Could also very well be that the 2nd gen strings handles things even differently and my app in it’s current state indeed wont work. I only own 1st gen strings so I can test it myself.

I have both twinkly 225 rgb gen 1 and twinkly 400 rgb gen 2 and they both work fine with this app.
I can even control them from both homey and the twinkly app at the same time.
One thing i miss is to set demo mode and color from the device button. Now we have to create a flow to set those settings.

I have the same problem, but after change the polling frequency in homey to 50(long press the app icon and go to advanced settings), anything is working as aspected.

I have 2nd gen 250 RGBW and also problem that the Twinkly app is interfering with the Homey polling. Adjusting the polling time is helping until the next poll: switch off/on the light with smartphone is then enough to get the controll back to my phone. After changing the polling time i have to restart the Homey app to get the new polling time active

I can now confirm that my problems indeed were caused by the homey app. In my case I was still “designing” my twinkly lights in the twinkly app and the homey app made that impossible, even when polling less frequently. Might reinstall when I’m fully set on my twinkly design.

Having said that, it would be sweet if the homey app could get support for selecting a design as well, but I’m not sure how those designs are stored.

This is not possible. The designs are not stored but send to the light as data every time. That data depends on the configuration of your lights (set when scanning). So this will never be added.

Your communication with Twinkly triggered a response from the CEO asking me to take down the app. :frowning:

Dear coder,

I’m Sirio Zuelli, CTO of Ledworks Srl, the makers of Twinkly.
This piece of code you did, well coded indeed, is causing a lot of issues to our customers because it is using a private API that we never authorized. Using this plugin on Homey will interfere with the normal Twinkly usage because the login token is constantly invalidated.

Please, remove this app from the Homey store. We are planning to open our API and from that moment everyone will have the opportunity to hack our system to improve it.

Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards

Sirio Zuelli

I think a lot of users can live with this limitation so I will see if I can work something out.

Oh wow. That’s a shame and obviously wasn’t my intention :frowning:

Hope you can work something out with them. At least it sounds good that they’re planning to open up the API, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later in that case…

Unfortunately they have been saying that for over 2 years now, so we’ll have to wait and see

Do you have any kind of reference of this. It might help me in my case that it’s not in the best interest of the users (and therefore their company) to remove the app. Working with some sort of disclaimer could be an alternative solution perhaps.

This is from their kickstarter page’s comments:

MarcoCollaboratoralmost 3 years ago

@Dirk - glad to know everything is fine and you like Twinkly! For sure we’ll keep on working developing functions and improving the product (we love doing this!) but

@Steven - happy you found solution. iPhone Plus bug is on the list, thanks!

@Phil - if you have updated app and controller to latest version, and tried to adjust signal timing (see http://support.twinkly.com/solution/articles/22000156836-some-led-lights-behave-strangely-how-to-solve-) I have no other suggestion rather to hide that green LED, maybe with some black tape.

@Thomas - Thanks for the suggestion. You’re right, we just picked up some common colors for the preset. For next Christmas we’ll launch tons of new features, including a more accurate color picker and web editor with public API that will make the joy of the geek Christmas developers :slight_smile:

@Aurelien - glad to know you’re happy with Twinkly! Next year we will open the APIs to developers! If you give me an email address I’ll send you some of them so you can start making test!