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pincode ok…no snapshot, no movement detection, no arm disarm different systems…but thank you…

Same for me. Do we need to remove the camera and add it again?

So, since I updated to the beta app I’m getting something very odd.
Camera control (on off) works but like others I can’t view the camera (I don’t use this anyways)

But, I’m getting a verification text message every 12hours

9.43am and 9.43 pm every day

Me too. Mine are at 02:10 and 14:10, so I suspect they started when the upgrade happened.

I stopped mine by signing out and back in via the app (save with a bad login then do it again)
Enter the code and you’re good

Error „cannot read property ‚name‘ of undefined“.

Sorry to get over again: it worked for a while, now I got some new Blink outdoor and the problem reappears: when trying to add them to Homey (V.7, Blink1.07) I get this message again: „cannot read property ‚name‘ of undefined“.
Even my Blink mini which was already incuded doesn´t show up. Login+pincode are ok.
Grateful for any suggestions!

Same here. Adding a new camera is not possible.

@ObelixNL Please could you take a look at this. After the prime days and Blink offer I think many user want to add their new cameras :sweat_smile:
Many thanks.

I think that we can t add new cameras when they are connected to the syc module (2).
Obelix, couldn t you just create a connetion to the sync module, so homey could find the related cameras?
We would all be so happy, if we could get your great app working again!
Thanks TT

I think you are still the developer of this app?
Can we assist you to find the reason of the bugs and get a solution?

I’ve seen here, that Blink Api is using a device id now. Is this missing in the current 2FA implementation?

I can take a look at it and test locally. Is this the current code base for the app for doimg some research?

I cloned your repo and inserted some loggings.
I foud that the accound id was missing for recovering the cameras (in GetOwls()).
Blink seems to have changed the fieldname in the account information read by method GetToken().

Changing this line in GetToken() from :
const accountId = data.account.id;
const accountId = data.account.account_id;
got the camera recovery to work again.

If you could find some free minutes, many users would be happy if you could fix that in the app :slight_smile:

Edit: Snapshot is working for Blink mini. Blink Outdoorhas still a snapshot error.
Blink gives response “Unauthorized Access” using the setStream-URL (the URL with the JPG on the Blink server). I’ll search for the reason in addition…

Another bugfix - for creating snapshots with Indoor/Outdoor camera:

Code-correction in: /BlinkIndoorCamera/device.js
Method _registerSnapshotImage

The header fields for http request only contained the auth token. The request results in http error 406. If the header is filled like for MiniCamera, the request is succesful.

Original code:
const headers = {
“TOKEN_AUTH”: authtoken

Corrected code:
const headers = {
“TOKEN_AUTH”: authtoken,
“Accept”: “image/jpeg”,
“Accept-Encoding”: “gzip, deflate, br”,
“Content-type”: “image/jpeg”,
“User-Agent”: “PostmanRuntime/7.26.8”,
“Cache-Control”: “no-cache”

How can I install your version of the app? if it’s too complicated to explain can you share a link? thank you very much

If you are familar with Homey CLI, you can use my repo:

Homey development? Start here:

But Stephan will take over my changes into his app. So please wait until it’s released as test version.
Then, I will explain what’s new…

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hi Ronnie, i have 3 blink system online…is it possible to modify your code to choose the system ro arm? thank you…

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it’s not my code. I only made some fixes and extensions an hope it will be included in the app by the owner.

What du you mean with system? A sync module (called network in the API)?

At the moment, the account is used a central point to get all cameras linked to your account to add as device. But there are some methods like enabling/disabling motion and arm/disarm using a netwotk id for the API call and there only the first network is used (and only this one). So it’s a bit inconsintent and it’s not possible to differ between networks.
So using more than one network / sync module would need a redesign. But I’m not sure if it’s possible without breaking existing setups.

yes 3 different sync modules…i need them because i have a very big garden that can’t be covered with module in the house…i use now ifttt to arm and disarm internal or external networks…

I`ll check what I can do.
At the moment I can only change the network handling for amr/disarm to change all networks and not only the first one.
In future, new devices are needed for the networks (added kike cameras) to change them seperately.

@Davide_Zamo that would indeed be a great option to have. Also have 3 systems and would love to arm them . Now you can only arm the first system/location added

Short update…
Arm/disarm for all networks seems to be possible for implementation.
The more comfortable way to add each network as device will take mor time and work. But I see the benefit, especially because for BlinkMini the motion recognition cant `t be set (API endpoint unknown). So the cameras could be grouped in networks and armed/disarmed this way.

Would be great . I have 3 different houses with blink, so a arm and disarm all is “not wanted” for 3 diff locations at the same time