[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

Homekit is very limited in the type of parameters/devices it can accomodate. There is no place for “tilt angle” - all it Home(y)kit can do is reduce all of the vibration sensor’s data to Sensor Triggered/Sensor Not triggered. Again, a Homekit limitation.

Will the " Xiaomi Mijia Aqara Two-way control module Wireless Relay Controller" be supported as well?
This one could replace (some) of the 433MHz KAKU controllers I still have to use (seems a rather big though).


Aqara, cheap devices, good looking and working (I have a few temp and door sensors and since today I also have wireless switches).

Is there a flow or default function for the wireless switches (2018) when I long press the button the light will start to dim (100% to 1%) and when it is dimmed it will go from 1% to 100%?

thank you

Can anybody here confirm that the battery levels are working correctly for the door/window sensors? I installed 1 yesterday, worked fine for some time. But now it looks like if the magnet isn’t working anymore. This means that it won’t see that the door is open/closed. It just stays closed all the time. Battery level is indicating 100% so I’m not sure if I broke the thing (already after a couple of hours), or that the battery is empty :/.

Strangest thing as I said that the smaller block doesn’t seem to have any magnetic functionality anymore. Maybe it’s because I have some space between the smaller and larger block?

Have you tried to push the button to reconnect?

A gap in between should be fine, can be quite some space. Almost 1 cm at my home I think. And battery reporting is working fine with me. Should last very long anyways.

Not with this app. Basic functions is supported with the Xiaomi Mi Home app.

@Jan_Peeters considering it is a Zigbee based device, yes will be within scope of this app.
If there are more people requesting this device to be added and supporting to buy one of these devices, I will order one and add support for it to this app.


Not sure why, Homey sees the thing fine. But the magnetic functioning of the devices seems to be faulty or not working at all anymore. I’ll try to delete it from Homey and connect it again.

Any news in the problem of not mesh?

Well I’ve seen to have found my issue with the sensor. Somehow Homey lost access to it. I couldn’t readd it either, had to physically move Homey to get it close enough to work again. I’m guessing the signal for Zigbee isn’t strong enough. Eventhough it’s just a couple of meters. Maybe it’s because the Homey stands right next to my AP and it interferes?

Pairing always has to take place within a distance of 50-100cm of Homey for bot Zigbee and Z-Wave. Once paired the range should be much larger.

Standing next to your AP could indeed interfere, Wi-Fi and Zigbee they use the same band (2.4Ghz).
I believe Zigbee is default channel 11 so if your AP uses that too you could try to manual set another channel there.

ZigBee and WiFi channel numbers are not the same!

Not exactly, but there can be interference for sure.

Absolutely and definitely worth to check out. Didn’t mean to dismiss your comment, just to make sure people don’t read it as ‘I’m on wifi channel X and zigbee Y therefor it won’t interfere’ even though it very well might.

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Hi, really appreciate Xiaomi/Aqara home support. Is there a plan to implement the Bluetooth Xiaomi Thermometer? I have in all my rooms and would help a lot. Thanks


There is an app for xiaomi bluetooth flora sensor, so it should be possible since it is same protocol. In Mi Home they connect it through BLE enabled devices like ceiling lights, humidifier, etc. Since Homey has BT I thought it might work directly. However I see there should be solution :slight_smile: I will post app suggestion, but surprised, that nobody needed before?

Yea, pairing however worked fine with another doorsensor, just 1 meter away from the one that was malfunctioning, which is far more than 100cm away from Homey. Aw well it is still working now so I’m guessing it’s fixed.

My WI-FI is indeed on channel 11, I will try and see to move it to another channel which is nog 1,6 or 11 :). Thanks!

I hope anyone can help me.

I have the aqara curtain motor. And first paired it with the aqara gateway. No problem at all.

Later on, have connected it with homey. Also no problem.

Now i wanted it to connect it with the aqara gateway again. And it will not pair.

I deleted the device in Homey. And pressed the button for 5 seconds until the led starts blinking blue. But the device will not be found in the Mi Home App. Like it did before.

Even left it without power for at least 3 hours. But no effect.

Ok then connect it back to the Homey again. Same result. It cannot be found buy the Homey App.

Does anyone have a solluction. Like a hard factory reset of the Aqara Curtain motor perheps?

It is like the unit will not reset it’s connection. Even tho i press the button for 5 seconds. And the blue led wil flash

@TedTolboom Hi Ted, i have read on the old forum, you were the one who configured the Software to use the Aqara curtain controller. And read you asked someone to do some testing. You mentioned to not reset the curtain controller when moving it from Homey back to the Aqara Gateway. En sometimes do reset the unit. Can you tell me what the reset option means? is it just the 5 seconds pressing the button. Or is there some other kind of reset possible… since i can not connect my curtain controller to neither my Homey or the Gateway… Tnx.

Im new to this and need some help here Please. How do I Programm the Double Wall switch so I can use both Switches for different lights, which is what such a switch is made for. When I open the switch I can only see scene activation or when one Button is pressed. How can I make use for my scenario? Many thanks

Maybe some more information should be helpful.
What brand, what type, what do you mean by BOTH switches if u refer to ONE button press?
What scenario are you referring to?

People who want to help are not psychic… :slight_smile: