[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

Yeah i get that but why in Homekit and not just in Homey where they are already added?
Or u wanna add them to Homey, to add them to Homekit, to make a flow in Homekit to start a light when the sensor triggers an alarm?

Or u wanna add them to Homey, to add them to Homekit, to make a flow in Homekit to start a light when the sensor triggers an alarm?

That’s my case. I currently use Homey as a gateway to expose Zigbee, Z-Wave and 433 devices to HomeKit. Works well for my other Aqara sensor types (temperature, motion).

Not really seeing benefits of adding a vibration sensor to HomeKit… the vibration sensor should be a trigger, not a button of some sorts that adds features in HomeKit.

Of course, feel free to create a virtual device that acts upon vibration from the sensor and add that virtual device to HomeKit (will be an ON/OFF only)

Today I added 2 xiaomi light bulbs and a plug to improve the zigbee mesh, but after resetting the network and adding everything again I see that all the devices join homey and not the other routers. What am I doing wrong?

Nothing i guess. If they can reach Homey directly, why would you want them to connect via another router?

Because the most remote devices do not work well, the door marked with the arrow is open, and does not report its status to homey. This sensor is 1 meter from the plug that acts as a router.


Ah, i see. Well, did you give them some time to form a new mesh? Or maybe wake up the devices manually so they are aware of the new routers?

I do have the same experience since V2 all Zigbee devices are connected straight to Homey, no meshnetwork.
In V1, i had a meshnetwork with the same devices

That’s the problem, it does not meshnetwork, I bought 3 devices for this function without any results.

It takes a few hours installed. After resetting the network I started installing the routers first so that the other devices could join them, without result

I have the same issue. I bought plugs I didn’t need to fix range issues but no mesh

Same question here. If you set vibration sensitivity through Xiaomi mi hub and then exclude / include in Homey, will the needed reset also result in a reset of the sensitivity setting?

These issues are solved. Not sure why, but deleting the non-working flows and re-creating exact the same flows again, was the solution.

What is the difference between the L and LN version of the Aqara Smart Wireless Wall switch? Each version shows the same page on Aqara website.

One requires only a live wire, the other requires both a live and neutral at the switch

If unsure, live only is the way to go

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I was mixing up the wall switch and the wireless switch. My bad :blush:


I’m a new homey user(not even a full week) and want thank you for the hard work you guys put into this app.
Currently, I’m only using two doorsensors but more sensors are on their way and they seem to work great.



Will support for aqara water sensor be added?

Please use the search function of the forums before posting a question :


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I have a number of Xiaomi Temp/Humid sensors (the round ones). I accidentally found out that if you tap on the value on the device card, it shows the last time the value was updated.

Is there any way to get this update value from somewhere to use in a flow?

I use the sensors in fridges and freezers and it would be very convenient to use these values to trigger a flow or just to show them in a notification.

Sure… but eg. github link in second post leads to a closed repo? so the answer felt kind of stale and out of date… was looking for some newer info but could not find any…