[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

  • Adds a workaround for certain Aqara devices that will only report to Aqara Zigbee controllers.

To respond to the different questions / responses on this topic.
Yes, this workaround resolves the blocking issue to have the Aqara T1 sensors reporting data; it actually works.

BUT this work around only has been released on the v10 software version that is released to HP2023 and NOT to the v10 software release for the older Homey systems.
AND Homey apps SDK only allows a numeric software dependency (e.g. “>10.1.4”) on app level to be introduced with an update, where you can’t do this on driver level.

I could release the T1 sensor update with this dependency, which means that is would only become available on the HP2023. Any future app updates, even though they would be compatible with Homey Pro (2016—2019) will then be limited to the HP2023 only.

Since I did not receive a planned release date from Athom on the Homey Pro (2016—2019), I can’t release the T1 sensor update yet, because it will block any further updates.

So I will first finalize the E1 thermostat driver (almost ready, having to resolve the automatic thermostat schedule setting) and release this one on short term.
This update is compatible with all Homey’s and would be blocked by the T1 sensor SW dependency.

I am trying to work utilizing the available options and work around…