[APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App)

My attention over the last weeks have been to support fixing the immaturity issues as released by Athom with the Homey Pro (Early 2023), that affected a lot of existing apps / drivers, as also reported earlier in this topic.

On a personal note:
So if someone doesn’t respond to a DM (not advertised) within just over 24 hours, the app is declared dead? Did I advertise in the past using DM’s or a SLA on responding to them?

It is these type of responses, together with Athom releasing a Homey Pro 2023 that is introducing more issue (for the end-user all to blame for the app developer as the device is not working, expressed by 1 star reviews) than it is solving, that is taking away the fun for a developer.

As announced earlier the app is formally taken over by LUMI Technology, the company behind the Aqara brand.

I will still be involved in the development of this app and with LUMI Technology supporting the development of the app, I do expect that we are able to release updates of the app earlier and inline with the extensive product roadmap of Aqara (main focus will be on the products sold within the EMEA region first).

We are working on the next updates.

v1.8.0 is planned to include support for the T1 series sensors (water leakage, door & window, temperature & humidity, mini switch).
v1.9.0 is planned to include support for the E1 radiator thermostat.

Based on above feedback, I will check if it is possible to add support for the T1 light sensor in v1.8.0 as well.

Regarding the FP2 sensor, we are investigating if it is possible to add support for the FP2 sensor to this app (will require quite some effort to add a second communication protocol) and if Homey’s SDK allows for sufficient options to utilize the potential of the FP2.

Do note that I will make changes to the Aqara app, on communication channels and will start archiving the app repository on my private Github account as it has been transferred and my app repository is already not the latest version anymore.