Android shortcuts long pressing icon

The only way to access workflows quickly on Android is to add widgets. It would be nice if the favourite flows and switches are shown in the app shortcuts list (the list that is displayed when long pressing an app icon). Homey isn’t using this functionality on Android at all at the moment.

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That would be nice, but not for me.
A little bit like this is:
From what I know you can add shortcuts to favorite flows to your desktop, via the “fav flow” widget.

Yes, I know I can add widgets for my favourite flows but this really clutters my desktop. Another downside for me is that we can only use the widgets for flows, not for switches. I have to create multiple flows just control a switch quickly from the desktop.

The problem is that I have to clutter my desktop (or homescreen as you wish) with shortcuts to flows just to control a switch (or to turn on/off a lightbulb). It would be nice if the app shortcuts, which exists in the native android UI, shows a list with all the favourite devices and flows so that you can quickly trigger a flow or a switch without the need of having a bunch of widgets on your home screen.

Oh. For that functionality, I just open the Homey app for that.
I know you want something else, but when longpressing an icon, f.i. Spotify, it only presents 3 of my playlists, and I even can’t pick them up front (I guess it’s the most played ones)