Alexa skill in Australia?


Is there any timetable for when the Alexa skill for homey might be available in Australia?


There is a Homey skill available now in Alexa if that’s what you mean.

It is what I mean, unfortunately its not yet available for the Australian version of Alexa

No he is talking about how the Homey skill is not available to Australian users as it does not support en_AU language - (only en_US, en_GB and ge_DE).

It’s rather annoying, however as a work around you can change your amazon account to USA and you will be able to use the homey skill.

On the downside you will loose access to Australian Specific skills (generally news feed, village cinemas, etc).

On the up side Alexa stops using that annoyingly accent.

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It would still be nice to not have to muck around with changing countries (again) and its getting harder as Amazon wants to keep us in the AU store etc.

Would be nice to hear a timetable.

Any update on timetable for Australia? Have just brought this hub and now I can’t access the Alexa skill.

Switching alexa stores isn’t an option.

@spe I’ve just released the Alexa and Alexa Smart Home skill in the Australia region as well!


Any update on this Homey people?

The Australian skill was in November 2018.