Alecto SA-33 smoke detector not supported anymore

Athom decided to remove support for the SA-33 smoke detector from the Alecto app.
But my smoke detectors were working fine until the app was updated…

More people having the same problem?

Yes, same experience here.
Sad, for me it seems to be working OK.

Just got a reply from Athom.
They received too much questions and problems from users.
So they simply quit support.

That seems a bit easy to me…

I received the same reply.

So, if a device is causing any trouble than just quit support.
It is a way to treat your customers…
If they are happy with it… I don’t know

It is possible to CLI install the version that worked for ya aye?

I was doing my research for updating to 2.0 (what will work, what will not).

And during my research I read Athom doesn’t support the SA33 anymore. I bought that model in 2018 because it was on the ‘Talks with Homey’ page. After buying it I had some trouble and contacted the support about it. At Athom they had the same problem and this should be fixed in an update where they would try to improve the signal for the 433. This was in april and never got an update anymore from support. But I thought it was just a matter of patience.

I am not mad (things like that happen sometimes), but I am just a little dissapointed Athom first recomments a product and than just stops supporting it.

Exactly the same story here…! :frowning:

I’ve got the same problem, there were working fine. I specially bought these because of the link with homey.
Is there a possibility to reinstall the previous version of the app?


Well, that’s good news… How can i fix it?

Find the correct files on Github, download them and CLI install them on ur Homey.

I’ve seen the howto for sideloading apps on Homey via CLI install. Seems very doable… :slight_smile:

Just don’t know where to find the previous version (v3) of the app. Anyone know how or where to find that .zip?

3.1.0 version is here if am correct?

YES! That’s the one…
Sorry for being such a beginner here… Haha!
But I managed to install the app via CLI on my Homey and the Homey app says Alecto v3.1.0 is installed now. It even remembered my smoke detectors from the old app, so I don’t need to add the devices again.

Just one question:
Am I right that apps installed via CLI will not update automatically? In the app settings, there is no option to disable auto-update, so I suppose so…?

Am I right there?

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Yes u are.

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