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Alecto doorbell does not connect

I have bought the Electo door bel ADB 17, i can download it to Homey, but when i want to connect it in a flow, i cannot finf the app

Did you also add the doorbell as a device?

I can see the app and i did connect but, how to add it as device

Yes, i did that, added the door button. When i push the button during indtall i get the signal on my Homey. But when i create the flow i don’t see the Electo app.

You should see the device, not the app…

That is the problem, i don’t see it

then it’s not added, do you see it in the devices-screen?

Yes, i get the green connection sign, then go to next then cannot see it in my device overview

Sorry not in the devices screen

I see it in my app screen, but it does not show up in my decice screen

Also i get the confirmation that the device is added but still cannot see it

No solution??