Alarms & Batteries only via app, not via desktop?

I wanted to quickly change an existing Alarm I had created earlier… But, am I ‘looking with my nose’… or are both the Alarms and Batteries categories only available via the Homey phone app, and not via the desktop browser? :woozy_face:

Guess I’ll have to get up and find my phone in another room :smirk:

Alarms, I did not find in the web app, ask Athom.

Batteries you can find under Devices,
choose the left (3 lines), there you find:


And if you want better control to your alarms, you could use Action Scheduler:

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Yeah, not needed in this simple alarmclock-situation :slightly_smiling_face:.

But I had already installed ‘Action Scheduler’ to check out at a later time, for use with actual ‘schedules’ :+1:. And to see where it’s different from ‘Advanced Scheduler’.