After update homey app on win doesn't work

Hey all,

maybe due to me, but after a long time that homey worked perfectly (9 months) I got a few issues… I tried to connect homey on a windows PC nad got pointed for the app to… google store or mac… since I don’t use both of them… There is apparantly no other solution since they are pointed very agressively to both stores.
Does this mean the end of Homey for windows users? and other PC users since there is no support for Linux… and no I will not use my scills to do so… You make hardware and get support for it. If you exclude support for an OS fine, but not after… a time.

Anyone a solution? Or is homey dead on windows?

What firmware version are you on? Since V2 the web interface isn’t working anymore.

As far as I know the only way to update Homey from the old version 1 to version 2 is pressing update in the mobile app on Android or on iPhone.

Only other solution is using an android emulator on the windows pc.
See the discussions here

2.5.2 forced to do the upgrade :frowning:

So if athom doesn’t use windows or any direct IP platform anymore and only android IOS it qualifies itseves as amateur platform. Hoped to have something IP qualified to build on as base for home integration. IF not IP based anylore I need to say it’s just a toy. Let say KNX is still something to consider… No IP based stuff on win or linux Athom is missing industry standards…
so athom doesn(t meet my needs anymore. Since I dindn’t chose this, I would consider a refund. MAS (mess as a service?)

I have not read before that 2.5.2 automatically updates older 1.5.x Homey’s.
Do you have a source for that?
I have one still on 1.5 for test and development.

If that is your opinion selling on marktplaats will give you better price and less frustration but you can always try to contact support directly by email or using the support site.
Complaining here has not much use as it is a community forum and Athom almost never reacts on the community forum.

Edit: By the way what do you mean with IP based?

I think he means a web based interface like used in version 1. I agree. Now I need at least 2 devices to configure Homey. The flow editor in the app versions is not really workable for me. And don’t tell me I can emulate android on a p.c. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You must have installed the new app which only works with the newer firmware.
And that doesn’t do a forced update, it just tells you to. If you don’t want to and ignore it, it stays on your old firmware and you can still use it with the old legacy app, just as @Dijker says.