Aeotech Heavy duty switch

I have mounted a Aeotech heavy duty switch in my garage to controll and measure a electric car charger. The Aeotech app does not support this switch. Is somebodey working on it? I hope so, because its a greate product :slight_smile:

I guess I can add it as a “normal” on/off switch?

I just bought a Homey and tried to link it up to one of these (AU version). The beta version of the Aeotec supports it and it pairs to the z-wave network OK. Unfortunately, Homey still fails to recognise it and drops it in as a generic switch binary. Switching them on/off seems to do nothing :frowning: Any ideas?

I spent some more time on this tonight. When I issue an on/off command it is returning with an ACK_OK status, but nothing seems to happen. Does anyone have any ideas?

On the App-page there is a line: A beta version of this app is available. Click here to switch to this version
Did you install this Beta version?

Hi Andreas,

Yes, I installed the beta version and I can see the heavy duty smart switch as a device listed under the Aoetec device, however when I pair with the smart switch Homey brings up a message saying it is an unrecognised device and then adds it as a generic switch.

@Simon_Willis Perhaps the developers of the Aeotec app have not included the Australian Product Id for the Heavy Duty Switch, only European Product Id.

See this similar topic here regarding the Aeotec Garage Door controller: Cannot include Aeotec Garage Door Opener - #5 by TedTolboom

Read it and when you get to this post by @TedTolboom pay attention.

If you follow step by step you will then be able to include it.

Then to help Athom to include the AUS Product Id into the next Aeotec app release, make a New Issue on Github here:

Hope this helps.

@danone, thanks very much for your reply. This looks very likely. I’ll give it a go tonight and create an issue on Github if this fixes it. Thanks again!

Hi @danone, I found in Homey that the product type ID was 515. Managed to install the cli, edit the json file and now Homey recognises the device. Horray! The next problem I have is that it’s not responding to commands. I’ve got it sitting right next to Homey and when I click the button, nothing happens. In geek mode it says the command has been sent successfully. This is exactly the same behaviour I saw when it was added as a generic device. Any ideas?

Sorry for multiple posts, but would my z-wave issues have anything to do with the fact that I’m still running my old vera2 hub at home? So I’ve got two z-wave networks running here. They are not connected. I haven’t finished migrating devices across yet. It’s probably a long-shot, but I thought I’d ask.

@Simon_Willis If you would have gone on Github to create an issue regarding the AUS Product Id as suggested above, you would have found that there is already an issue created a couple of weeks ago describing the same behaviour you experienced with latest beta. So it is a known problem with latest beta.

This forum is not actively monitored by Athom, so please visit Github and under the above issue, write your experience, too. Describe as much detail as possible including Homey’s firmware version, Aeotec app beta version etc.

In regards with Vera interfering with Homey. Theoretically, no! Imagine a block of appartments where everyone owns a z-wave controller.

Hi @danone, thanks for the link. That’s exactly what I’m seeing. Sorry, I’m a new homey user. I’ll post on Github.

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