Aeotec Smart Switch Gen5

Dear all

I tried to add a new zwave plug (Aeotec Smart Switch Gen5) through the apps Aeotec. This plug has been excluded to the previous zwave network. When I tried to include this module, I reveived a message “Zwave not found” and if i tried to launch again the process, I have the following message “status.already_added” but the module doesnt appear in the interface.

I went to the menu “parameters” of the Zwave and exclude the module but I am not able to include this module (which is very closed to the Homey).

Thanks for your help

I have 4 of this switches (with swiss plug) included. Without any problems.

you can try to heal, test or remove the device under or in the app under settings - z-wave - remove a z-wave device

Maybe try resetting the “Smart Switch” to factory settings.
You can find the instructions here:

I hope the link works.

Thanks for the support, I was able to include through the Zwave apps and not through the aeotec apps