Aeotec nano Dimmer S2


I’m trying to add a Aeotec nano dimmer with S2 security but it’s just getting added without security.

Does anyone know how? I’m following the manual with double click to include.

Latest stabile Home and Aeotec app.

The nano dimmer is a pretty old device (relatively) and doesn’t support S2 security, only S0, which is automatically turned off in Homey.

…which is a good thing, because s0 security isn’t adding much besides delays and intermittent problems for most people, including me. Adding these unsecure (still pretty secure) was what most people used to accomplish using workarounds.

Oh! Makes sense then! :+1:t3:

Does that also apply to S2?

S2 should be much better than s0, I have not heard any problems with it other than association incompatibilities.