Aeotec doorbell 6 in Aeotec app version 3.0.5 missing

in the past I installed the official AEOTEC app to manage my water meter, multisensor 6 and doorbell 6
I added the HEM - 3 phase to my system, so I needed to uninstall the official app and install the development app version 3.0.5. Now I don’t have the doorbell in the list anymore. all the rest is in the list and working fine
is there a way to get this back?

The Doorbell 6 is listed as supported in the current (3.0.7) test version.

But if you do need to go back, go to Aeotec | Homey and install it. However, that would only be possible if the old version is compatible with v5 firmware (which I assume you run).

no I’m not running v5 firmware yet, still on 4.2.0
Can I do an upgrade to 3.0.7 in version 4.2.0 or do I need to upgrade Homey?
Sorry I’m new in this

Perhaps you should explain what you mean by “the development app version 3.0.5”. It seems strange that 3.0.5 would work on v4 but 3.0.7 would require firmware v5.

I just installed version 3.0.5 on my homey using the CLI commands
without doing anything else. followed these steps: [HOW TO] CLI install method
Everything is working except the doorbell.
I don`t want to go back to version 2.3.0 because then I can’t connect to my power meter anymore

Where did you find the source code for 3.0.5?

was here in the community in this topic Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 - 3 clamp - #4 by BaoTran

Oh right, so you’re running an unofficial app.

In that case, you don’t have many choices: either install 2.3.0 (but the power meter won’t work) or install 3.0.7 (for which you first need to install the experimental v5 firmware).

Aha, So there is another app?
Is the experimental 5.0 stable enough, I mean for z wave and Zigbee devices, because I have a lot of devices on these protocols?

The official app can be found here: Aeotec | Homey

Lots of people are happy with v5, but others have (had) big issues. “YMMV”.

OK will take the risk :slight_smile:
thanks already for your assistance

@robertklep is there a good procedure how to upgrade to version 5? in Dutch is also possible

Enable experimental updates here: Homey Developer

Then you can upgrade to v5 from the mobile app (I think).

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