Advanced flows: STOP a flow or CONTINUE IF

I’ve got a feeling I know the answer, but thought I’d check before posting in the Suggestions section.

Is there any way to stop an ADVANCED FLOW from continuing or only continuing if a condition is met? Like putting an AND card in the middle of a THEN block

I realise I can achieve a similar effect using variables to trigger new flows but a CONTINUE IF card would make the logic so much simpler.

Advanced Flows are a Infinite canvas, where you can chain endless…
There is no THEN block.
You can put any condition anywhere in the chain (except as first or last card, but that is not IN the chain) to stop the flow. Every CONDITION in the chain already is a “Continue if” …

That’s terrifc: thank you. I have tested and it works. I’m loving the power of Advanced Flows but the language and presentation of the new power are unclear in an attempt to make them seem similar to the original Flows.

I think it would be far better to call the cards: Trigger, Condition and Action which would reflect their new functions better. And back to my suggestion of colouring their backgrounds differently to make the reading of a flow much easier.

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That is already what they are called behind the scenes.
They indeed kept it the old flow naming to make transitioning a lot easier for already exiting users that don’t know any better for 1-5+ years.

They already shown multiple flow examples in videos (also on the forum in pictures) that shows that you can keep connecting from action cards on.

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See the picture below the video :wink:

And I always call them that way,
But they (Athom) don’t listen to me :wink: