Advanced Flow UX improvement: different colour cards for WHEN, AND, THEN

Advanced flows can get complictaed, and with different apps labelling their cards with their own logic, it is sometimes ahrd to revisit a flow and know whether a card is an AND card or a THEN card. It would be visually handy if the WHEN cards, the AND cards and the THEN cards had different background colours (or border colours).


Agreed it can be a little more clear!

You can consider making ‘zones’ for the three kinds with a label for each column.

Differences are minimal but:

  • A When card has a rounded left hand side without connector
    (a trigger card can’t be started by another card)
  • An And card has two connectors at the right hand side
    (the result of a condition is always true or false)
  • A Then card has one connector at both sides
    (to pass on the “I finished OK” signal)

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Thanks for that helpful reply. Yes, I’m aware of the difference but it can sometimes be hard to see. A coloured background would be clearer I feel so just making the suggestion.

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Agreed, but that’s why I use the columns in the meantime. Then it’s pretty organized imho :wink: