Adjust countdown timer

I am using a countdown timer that starts with 1000 seconds.
When I use adjust countdown timer and want to add (increment) with 500 seconds, it sets the countdown timer to 500 not to the current count + 500.

Is this a bug?

Think it’s intended behavior. How would the timer know if it’s +500 or maybe -500?

Thank you for your answer. If I use +500 it has the same result

May i ask what’s the use case for a 1000 seconds timer?

The number 1000 is for the example.
I am trying to understand what is the function of Adjust Countdown, if instead I can simply start a new countdown.

The use case is eg. a pool pump.

It’s running 3 hours a day, but when I press a button, I want to add 6 hours from the moment I press.
If the pump is running already, I want the countdown to be increased with 6 hours.

Hmm. So when pump is alr running for like 2,5 hours and u press the button u want to add 6 hours to that. Timer is at 0.5 hours left so u want 6,5 hours from the button press. But when the pump has been running for like 0.5 hours there is 2,5 hours left and u still want to add 6 hours to that?
Nothing to do with the original question anymore but u could make a variable. Let Homey get the variable every 10 minutes and add 21600 to that. When button is pressed set/adjust the timer to the variable tag.

Of course there are alternatives, but let’s get back to my original post…

Ok. It’s intended behavior.

What is intended behaviour? Are you referring to the adjust countdown timer?
To me the adjust countdown timer seems the same as start countdown timer.

Then the best thing u can do is contact the developer and ask if he’s willing to add some extra cards with like “Increase timer with…” and “Decrease timer with …”

Maybe to fix adjust countdown…I don’t understand it’s existence if you maintain it’s working to spec

Maybe you do understand, that the app is devolped not by Athom but by a user, who let us all use their app. He/she makes the app in their free time… and dont get any benefits from athom side.

So you already did make the reques, before your last post, right :wink: