Adding back change flow triggers on internal capabilities

I like to use the internal default capabilities like measure_power and it sub ones like measure_power.export etc on my smpl display, that is not so hard if I only add measure_power to capabilities on my sdk 3 app. then power ,export are showing up on smpl.

But this has a downside and now measure_power change triggers are gone.

If there an easy way to have both or besides adding cap , should I also add these flow trigger definitions to the device flow json.


Also is there a good way to check all the real flow triggers you have on the app (with the real names, not translated). To see if I broke something.
I see it on the app store and while creating a flow but not on homey app validate etc.

it seems besides the default caps I can also add matching change triggers , I used this as reference for caps and the trigger Tutorial: Device Capabilities - Homey Apps SDK v3

now I like to pre define subcapabilities in homey compose like measure_power.import etc. so smpl can see them also.

weird thing is with meter_power I see all the sub ones on smpl but not for measure_power.