Disable measure_ trigger flow

Hi Guys,

I’m working on a pull request for a homey app and i’ve added a custom capability with a number starting “measure_” so that besides the default functionality it can also be displayed as a status device-indicator if the user chooses to.

But unfortunately this also add’s two trigger flowcards to my app, is there a way to disable this?

I need this because the value of this will only be updated periodically and it would not be a correct trigger to start flows from. I already have other options for that in place inside the app. The capability is purely for displaying as a status device-indicator or for insights statistics. Thanks for the help.

I knowfor a fact that prepending a capability with .total or something will prevent default capability cards, but it will also prevent the capability from being picked, so that defeats the purpose. Same goes for naming capabilities outside the default measure… naming convention.

I’m not sure but I believe I had to “activate” the trigger in device.flow.compose.json with defining the trigger (API v3)

Without this, the trigger was not shown.

See documentation:

Another suggestion is to set the trigger “deprecated” to avoid selecting it in flows.

I am having the same issue as the thread creator. I’ve prefixed a custom capability with meter_ to get the info on the device tile, but I do not want the auto-generated flow. I tried marking them as deprecated in the flow compose, but the flow card still shows up when I’ve added a new device. Anyone figured out how to remove these flow cards?

Hi, I had the same experience.
The generated flows for “getting greater than” or “lower then” are shown without defining the trigger flow in homey compose.

The “default” trigger (xxx has changed) is only shown after the trigger is defined in homeycompose.
I think this is a bug in homeycompose. The greater/lower-than flow shloud only appear next to the has-changed-flow if the trigger is defined in homeycompose, I think.

You could send this as bug report to support@athom.com oder ask in Slack developer channel.