Add Somfy IO remote control to Homey?

Hi all,
Is it possible to add a Somfy IO remote control to Homey? From the app, it seems to be possible (see screenshot) but before doing this, it seems that i first have to add the remote to my Connexoon. Is that correct?
This is where ths problem occurs, because within the Connexoon app, adding the remote seems to be impossible. When I follow the procedure there, it simply does not ‘see’ the remote control from which I click the ‘Prog’ button on the back side

It would indeed need to be added to the Somfy box first.
I’m not sure which controls can be added as I only see the end results in the log.

hi @Adrian_Rockall that was exactly was I tried to do:

  1. first add the remote control (Situo IO) to the Connexoon (via the Somfy Conexxoon app:
  2. then, once it has been added there, add it to Homey via the regular ‘add device’ procedure in Homey.

Problem is, step 1 already fails on me. I am unable to add the remote to Connexoon. After contacting Somfy support, there answer suggests that adding remotes isn’t supported, only adding motors is supported. But that does not seem correct to me, because, why in the first place is there an option to add remotes in the Homey Somfy app then?

The option is in the app as some users have sent me logs with remotes in them. So there must be some kind of Somfy remotes that can be added, although they may not be the Situo IO remotes.
For example, the KeyGo remote, the RTS Open/Close remote and the IO Open/Close remote (controlableName: ‘io:IORemoteController’). Unfortunately, I don’t own any of those so i can’t be more specific about the precise models.

If someone has added an IO remote to Somfy maybe they could give details about the device and how they did it?