Access to homey event/logging info?


I am able to control our garage door in a multiple of ways. As shown on the homey logs, it can be control via a manual switch (by aeotec as per log), on the homey app for garage door device (by specific user on mobile as per log) and finally by a homey flow (as garagedoor flow as per log).

I would like to create a new flow on the operation of the garage door (ie when unlocked) but would like to determine how it was initiated?
Ie was manual, via homey app or via flow.

Is there a way to query the log information to determine this for our new flow?


I belive you can do that using the Device Capabilities App.
Use WHEN “listen (watch)…” then u can capture the CLIENT tag. This will show if it was done by you via phone/web app, or if it was done via a flow. Not sure what the Aeotech will show up as, as i did not get to test that.

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Thanks will check that out!