2nd party voice assistant integration: snips

Ran into this site.
Some shared goals with homey: ondevice voice assistent,no cloud so no data sharing.

They state it can be integrated on other devices…

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This would be nice to use. But there is no way @ the Moment, isnˋt it?

i think you can use it with a raspberry pi and then with the mqtt client-app on homey or?

Maybe mycroft Mark 2 https://mycroft.ai/media/
or anything else.

As a german user, I have no way to speak with homey v2. But the speech control was a reason to buy homey…

So I looking forward for a solutions, which is not alexa or google.

Like this: Rhasspy. Rhasspy

In the spirit of cloudless homeautomation (and i hate it that Google and AWS listen to conversation) i would like to use this and it runs on a Raspberry and has a nice webinterface.